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super disappointed that the rest of the set is so meh, was really hoping that since it was giratina themed it would have more gen 4 / ingo seeing as he is literally lost in time... I absolutely adore the giratina cards don't get me wrong, but I was wanting to get a master set for this and now I think im just gonna skip out and buy the singles ^^;


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I couldn't disagree more about rainbow rares. I find them absolutely pointless when they're a rainbow palette swap of another card (FA GX's, VMax's/VStars, FA Supporters for some reason). They only bloated sets further in the SM era, especially when the Japanese sets started releasing monthly and English sets are stubbornly every three months. Oh, and they're more rare than a full art; you might not even pull one in a booster box, and there are several in each set. What fun!

However, I'm not disagreeing with you for the sake of arguing or anything. This is just the juxtaposition of preferences that people have, which goes back to the comment that 'no one cares about leaking these cards,' and that somehow, this is indicative of no one caring about these cards in general, when it's just not true. You like the rainbow rares, I don't. You don't like the FA's, but after the bland single color voids in FA GX's, I personally think FA V's really stand out again! FA V's might still typically be in a void, but there's variation in the colors used (or at least a completely different color to the Pokemon, like Kyurem and Drapion in this set) and the glossy silver lines on the Pokemon themselves make them pop.

I do think a lot of people would agree that some major changes need to be made, though. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Like, why do we need (in the SwSh era) V's, VMax's, VStar's, FA V's, Alt Art V's, FA Supporters, RR VMax's, RR VStar's, RR Supporters, and secret gold versions of some cards? THAT is overkill. And it's why collecting sets became unappealing to me, on top of every set being ENORMOUS. I went from doing my best to collect every set to only collecting what I like. I guess that's better for me, financially, but I miss opening packs and filling out pages in my binder. (That's why Celebrations was a breath of fresh air for me. ...When I was allowed to find it.)

Uh. Point was, different people do like different rarities. But at the same time, the quantity needs to be cut way back because its ridiculous. Oh, and unanimously, I'm pretty sure no one wants or asked for rainbow rare Supporters.
In a short 6 months, we'll know whether they've listened or whether we'll see even more new rarities that we will be stuck with for another 3 years.

Imagine the week the first set starts to leak, just hoping that an RR supporter doesn't show up, or heaven forbid, stuff like RR items, stadiums, energies, Gold supporters all start showing up. RIP.


For me personally, RR only work for 3D Pokemon Cards. The style that comes about doing that texture overlay gives them an almost cartoonish effect, it makes them feel less 3D. Even gold cards that featured in the Zekrom/Reshiram packs follow a similar concept wherein the overlay removes this 3D feel.

My personal distaste for RR is when it is applied to supporters. Supporters already have that awesome artwork that RR otherwise destroys. 3D cards are not my personal thing, but I know they are fine to others so that's fine, it's great to cover just enough variety to make the collection side of things interesting for all. The overall thing most people dislike in this regard is the sheer volume (which does indeed suck) and applying rainbow/gold effects on things where it doesn't enhance the card. Hopefully it will improve; but, if it doesn't it's no big deal either, I still enjoy opening packs and cherry picking what I like from them!


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Happy Kyurem is getting some love this set. Really heartbroken it didn’t get an alt though. Maybe when the gen 5 remakes come their way next gen (and a possible Legends Kyurem)…


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They’re due next for remakes. They even been doing each gen in a row. Why wouldn’t we get them this gen?
They did gen 1 and 2 remakes in consecutive gens, but after that it was every other gen. Since we got one in Gen 8, they'll skip Gen 9, but might do something Johto related ala Let's Go in Gen 7. Unova will wait until Gen 10 and the next Nintendo console.


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Rainbow rare lady at least has an interesting texture pattern
Screenshot_20220714-102527~2.pngtexture pattern in second pic


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Not to rant but, whoever is in-charge of scanning these images, please give it a HD quality, not just showing the half of the card and we can just imagine the other half. That would be kinda rude if we can't just see the full beauty of the card.
lol imagine complaining about the quality of a leaked card. Perhaps an /s was missing here?