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I'm getting my 4th Cleffa for my WIP Steelix deck now, so I dig it. It's probably the most iconic Neo era card too(Slowking and Sneasel being runner ups) so I....may or may not have screamed from seeing it here.


Not going to complain about this set like everyone else is. I hyped for it and glad with what we get cuz it's better than nothing. However it seems like a missed opportunity to have more newer Pokemon in old styles of cards. It's super cool.

Also I really with reprints of retro cards wasn't such a special thing limited to an anniversary set. I think if they did mass retro reprint sets like other TCGs it would be a win/win.

Wait, people are compaining about this set? From a collectors point of view this takes the cake.


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This is the kind of set you don't buy sealed products for. The set is super small and the pull rates are high. Currently sitting back and watching scalpers who listed Classic Charizard for $400 two days ago panic as people realize the card won't be that rare and the prices continue crumbling even before official release date. Schadenfreude at work.