Alexmf2's Win-A-Darkrai Tournament Report


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Because the Battle Road for the day was over two hours away, I decided to go to a win-a-Darkrai tournament at my local league. Even if the BR was close I might have decided to do this anyways, I would much rather have a Darkrai than 2 CP. The age divisions were all going to be mixed, but I didn't mind as I knew I was good enough to keep up with Masters. Me and Sillykyle were the only non-Masters there. There was great prize support, which was awesome. First place gets Darkrai EX and $25 store credit, second place gets Tornadus EX and $15 store credit, and 3rd and 4th get Groudon EX and $10 store credit each. I decided to run Darkrai/Weavile because that's what I have been testing the most and what I have been testing with.

Round 1 vs Andy (Zangoose) with Darkrai/Tornadus (I think)
He starts Smeargle. I start Sneasel and win the coin flip. I start with a great hand for Darkrai, which is two Darks and a way to get them in the discard. I used my Ultra Ball to sack the two Darkness and get a Darkrai. I use Oak's to get a fresh hand, and I draw 2 Dark Patch and another energy. I use both Dark Patch, attach to Darkrai, and Night Spear for the game. Sorry for the donk.


Round 2 vs. Azul Garcia-Greigo with Celebi/Mewtwo
I get a fast start while he gets a horrible one. He started Mewtwo with a junk hand and all he did was draw more junk. This game went by pretty fast.


Round 3 vs. Jamie (spelling?) with Darkrai/Terrakion
I knew this matchup was going to be a hard one. He had a huge upper hand and I would have to be really careful or else I would find myself looking down the eyes of a fully powered up Eviolited Terrakion bowling down my Darkrais. I drew pretty bad in the first few turns this game, and whiffed drawing into the energy that I needed to attack with on my second turn. Thankfully I went first so this was not as bad as if I had gone second. He got some Terrakions down and I took quickly took them out with Dark Claw and 2 Special Dark. But, while I was doing this his Darkrai had nothing stopping it from just attacking me over and over. I used Weavile to leave him with a junk hand for 2 turns in order to catch up, but he took the lead again by taking two prizes in one turn by OHKOing a Weavile and sniping down a Sneasel. The game pretty much went on like this until he finally beat me. This was a very close game, and I think we both really enjoyed it.


Round 4 vs. Matt with Empoleon/Terrakion
I knew I had an easy matchup ahead. He started Cleffa, I started Sneasel and went first. Sweet, this game would end a lot faster than I expected. I topdeck the Dark Claw. Wow, even faster. Attach Dark Claw and Dark to Sneasel, Level Ball for a Smeargle, and use Oaks. If I got a single heads on Fury Swipes I won. I rolled the dice aaaand.... Triple tails. I was disappointed but I knew I would probably win anyways. He plays down a Terrakion and attaches to it along with some other stuff, but he doesn't manage to get a Piplup down. On my next turn I realize I don't have the resources to get a Darkrai out because I wasted my energy attachment on Sneasel, so I lay down a Darkrai and Eviolite it, because I know Empoleon does not have the room for Pluspowers, and if he did I could get rid of them with Weavile. So I Dark Patched to Darkrai, evolved my Sneasel into Weavile and took his only supporter out of his hand, leaving him with a horrible hand. I attached another energy to Weavile, Catchered up Terrakion and sniped down the Cleffa. It basically goes down like this until I win. He only managed to get 2 Empoleons out, both which I KOed the turn they came out and they only did 70 damage because of the lack of benched pokemon on both sides of the field. Weavile took out the danger of any more Terrakions.


Top Cut is me, Azul, Jamie, and Gabe (Afro-G). I get paired against Gabe, and am pretty happy because I think his deck is the easiest for me to beat (ZekEels with Terrakion).

Game 1:
I don't exactly remember how this went, but I knew it started off with me going first and right off the bat knocking out a Tynamo with Sneasel + Sp. Dark + Dark Claw. The next turn he gets some more Tynamos down, and on my turn I get ready to mooch a prize off of another Tynamo. So I flip aaaaand... Triple tails. Annoying, as it denied me an easy prize, but I knew it wouldn't really decide the game. With my trusty friend Weavile he never gets a Terrakion out and charged, so I just sweep him.


Game 2:
This game went pretty much the same as game 1, except I don't start attacking with Sneasel. He never gets a Terrakion out this game either because of Weavile and Darkrai + Dark Claw + 2 Sp. Dark (or Pluspower). In the end I manage to OHKO a Mewtwo EX that I have already sniped twice with Darkrai to continue on to top 2.


Azul manages to beat Jamie, which I am very happy about. Jamie has a huge advantage in the mirror and would probably have beaten me again had he gone on to top 2. I don't really remember these next games very much at all, so sorry for the short top 2.

Game 1:
We both get pretty fast starts, but I am able to snag some KOs off of Celebis, and his Mewtwo never really become that much of a threat to put me in the danger zone.

Game 2:
Turn 2 he Junipers into 3 Eviolite. That is not very good at all for me, as it denies me snipe KOs from Celebi and also forces me to whip those Sp. Darks on or find my Pluspower, because Eviolite is very needed so he can't OHKO my Darkrai. He manages to deny my even more KOs because of SSU, and he eventually just overpowers me.

Game 3:
Eviolite was again a problem in this game, and I am insanely glad I added in a Pluspower right before the tournament, as it won me the game. Because of Eviolite and the fact that I only had 1 Sp. Dark, I was only doing 80 a turn. Pluspower allowed me to take the final KO.

- Winning
- Beating a bunch of Masters
- Darkrai!
- $25 store credit
- Afro-G getting 3rd

- Zangoose going 2-2
- Sillykyle going 2-2
- Donking Zangoose
- Triple tails
- Getting home at 6:30
- Azul hitting heads on literally every single SSU. Every. Single. One. You have no idea how long this makes the game take.


Miss the game
Yeah, me and Sillykyle were the only people that weren't Masters so they just added us in.


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alexmf2 said:
- Afro-G getting 3rd
Is me doing decently well at an event a rare occurence or something so when I do do well it's considered a prop? D: And you made our game 1 sound so one-sided. I did get a Terrakion out, granted it wasn't doing the OHKO it was supposed to, but it was still there and did 40 to your Darkrai and if I had played the PlusPower to do 60 instead the game was like no doubt mine. D:<


Congrats on winning the event! I bet it does feel pretty good to beat a group of masters. Though people really don't give seniors enough credit sometimes. Just because you're younger than us doesn't mean you have any less skill.

PS: Pretty sure your round 3 opponent's name is Matt, not Mark.


Miss the game
Hahaha, you know I love you. I don't really remember anything about the top cut games so I kind of just put the pieces together from the very few things I do happen to remember. Thanks for the congrats, hopefully next time we do one of these we wont play in top cut. I don't want to have to beat you again, I don't think I could bear it.