Alexmf2's 2011/2012 Season, First Year Playing


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Autumn Battle Roads:
Hadley - ZPST - 2-2
Tewksbury - ZPST - 4-1, 1st place
Lexington - ZPST - 4-0, 1st place
Milford - ZPST - 3-2
4 Championship Points. BRs were very hit and miss for me.

Fall Regionals:
Rhode Island - ZPST - 1-2 drop
Got decked from Tyrogue flips round 1 (Had the game in the bag), got donked round 2 (Started Smoochum, lol). I probably should have kept going, but my morale was shattered.

Tewksbury - MewScoops - 4-1, 4th place
Warwick - MewScoops - 3-1, pulled a Kyle
Londonderry - MewScoops - 2-3
Medford - MewScoops - 3-1, 2nd place
Lexington - Six Corners - 3-1, 1st place
9 Championship Points. Cities didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I at least snagged a few CPs. I probably shouldn't have played MewScoops for as long as I did.

New Hampshire - ZekEels - 3-3
Connecticut - The Truth - 3-2, 6th place
Massachusetts - ZekEels - 7-0, 2nd place
13 Championship Points. I felt very confident for Regionals having had a spectacular last States.

Spring Regionals:
Philadelphia - ZekEels - 4-3
I wasn't really sure how I did so badly when I had done so well before. I hadn't changed a card.

Skipped Spring Battle Roads

Skipped Nationals

Tournaments attended - 14
Championship Points earned - 32
ELO - 1742.21
Record - 50 wins, 25 losses
Ranking in North America Seniors for Championship Points: 114
Ranking in North America Seniors for ELO: 123

Pretty good for my first year, if I do say so myself, but I hope to do better next year as I may be visiting San Diego around the time of Worlds.



your first year is really good! Mine was terrible because i had no idea what i was doing.

(also i did the same as you at regionals with cincinno/eel/mewtwo lol)


League of Legends: GabTheLacMan
alexmf2 said:
Thanks! Which Regionals did you use that for, Spring or Autumn?
I imagine spring. Unless he somehow managed to get his hands on Mewtwo(s) before everyone else. =P