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Standard Aerodactyl

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by The Last Shaymin, May 13, 2019.

  1. ok this deck one shots some things

    pokemon: 5

    1 Volcanion
    4 Aerodactyl

    4 Unidentified fossil
    4 Fossil excavation map
    4 Greens exploration
    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Lillie
    4 Wishful Baton
    2 rescue stretcher
    2 choice band
    3 Cynthia
    2 Welder
    1 guzma
    1 Switch
    1 Firey Flint
    1 Heat Factory <>
    3 Shrine of punishment
    1 Power Plant
    1 fire crystal

    4 TAE
    9 Fire Energy

    so you guarantee the volc start, you always go second unless you are playing against a single prize oneshot deck (granbull, lost march) and you use the attack of volc to get energies onto a fossil. After that you chain wishful batons and take knockouts. once you cannot chain batons you then use your TAEs and win
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  2. Pokefam 300 something/400


    List looks good!

    Maybe a one of ReshiZard?
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  3. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    That could be a good idea, but I think he’s going for the confirmed T1 Volcanion, so with a 50% (I’m not good with percentages, feel free to prove me wrong) chance of not starting with Volcanion...
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  4. Fafnirchaos Aspiring Trainer


    That would nerf aerodactyl's attack if he draws it in his first hand, considering volcanion is his other basic. Also losing it can cost him 3 prizes in the singles race.

    I would up the Volcanion lines for better mulligans, as well as add some disruption, once aerodactyl gets going he can hit a dead road fast if he runs out of energies, or dead draws. Wish batons can be shut down with field blower or Lysanders lab before attacking...
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  5. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    Seems to me you should be running DCE's as well you could put 3 fire energys on 3 different fossils and then from there use DCE's to finish. Not saying ditch the Triples but DCEs would definitely help
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  6. yeah exactly
    There really is not enough space to up the volc lines, although i was thinking of adding some red's challenge to get TAEs or something. If you have any ideas as to what to cut, that would be great.
    This is actually a really good idea. Maybe if I do this I should also put in some EXP shares so I can get the energies spread.
  7. Fafnirchaos Aspiring Trainer


    Edit: add ditto prismstar, and cutback on cynthia's or swap them for tate and liza.
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  8. I would not add ditto prism, although I thought about it. It ruins your volcanion start, and you cannot green's after you bench it.

    Tate and Liza are a worse draw supporter than cynthia, and I already run a switch so I should be fine.
  9. ninetales1234 Biscuit Taste-Tester


    Love this deck concept.

    You already have energy acceleration in the form of Welder. Don't need all those Batons. Also, you can't attach a Baton to something that already has a Choice Band on it.

    I know you have 3 wonderful stadiums to complement your deck, but you could also -1 Baton to throw in a Sky Pillar for the PikaZek match.
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  10. The welder is really just a backup plan, or its your win condition against single prize decks. The Batons make chaining attacks much, much easier, and running 4 means you can maybe get 2 or 3 chained attacks without having to welder again or use a TAE. A sky pillar is a good idea, I should playtest some games against pikarom to see if it needs it or not.
  11. ninetales1234 Biscuit Taste-Tester


    IMO the TAE is your backup plan if the Baton doesn't work.
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  12. they are both a backup plan then.

    oh yeah on the online, this deck hit 34 mulligans. do I get a prize?
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  13. Pokefam 300 something/400


    I mulliganed 14 with Baby Blowns:D
  14. ninetales1234 Biscuit Taste-Tester


    Yeah, really! All the "challenges" they have on the game like "do 800 damage with X type Pokemon", they should have a "Ridiculous Amounts of Mulligans" challenge that awards you with tickets or something.
  15. Pokefam 300 something/400


    No skill in that.

    They want to encourage skill based play.

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