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Standard Aegislash UNM


Aspiring Trainer
3 Honedge UNM 92
1 Honedge FLI 46
4 Doublade UNM 94
4 Aegislash UNM 95
1 Blitzle
1 Zebstrika
1 Jirachi
1 Ditto Prism Star

4 Mysterious Treasure
2 Pokemon Communication
3 Acro Bike
3 Dusk Stone
3 Spell Tag
2 Escape Board
2 Switch
2 Reset Stamp
1 Adventure Bag

4 Cynthia
2 Professor Elm's Lecture
3 Lillie
2 Shrine

4 Recycle Energy
2 Weakness Guard
2 Fire Energy
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Guzzlord is fun
Seems like you would want more burnable item cards like acro bikes, p. comms (burnable with a pokemon in hand), adventure bags, and maybe even pokegears to get the 13 items in discard turn 2. Would help the consistency, too.

My suggested changes:

-1 Blitzle
-1 Zebstrika (you need more speed and zeb isn't easy to search for.)
-1 Jirachi (if you want a jirachi engine, you need more jirachi)
-2 Escape Board (not useful without jirachi)
-2 Professor Elm's Lecture (Lillie is better.)
-1 Fire Energy (With 4 recycle energy, you don't need it. 7 energy is enough)

+2 Pokemon Communication (I know you only have 12 pokemon but you get 3 back after a KO, you should be able to burn them.)
+1 Acro Bike (CONSISTENCY)
+1 Dusk Stone (CONSISTENCY)
+4 Pokegear 3.0 (CONSISTENCY)

All of these items are burnable to help you hit 130 as soon as possible, as well as help your consistency.
If you want to test the deck, I would like to play against it, just don't have PTCGO so it would have to be on untap.

Overall, seems like a good deck idea.


Aspiring Trainer
The Fire Energy is there strictly to take advantage of Heat Factory. I will definitely make these changes. I plan on going to a League Cup in a couple of weeks and was looking for something to play.


Aspiring Trainer
If you don't mind giving up Fire Energy for Water, you could probably tech in Froslass to handle ReshiZard.