Discussion ADP vs. Dolls Matchup

Wynter Griffing

49/500 CP
Last night, I went to a League Challenge playing ADP; went (2-3-0), it was full of MewMew and Baby Blowns.

What was interesting was that I managed to get paired up against Dolls in round 3, a deck that I am familiar with, but not so much in practice. I'm about 2 months back to the game since I last played in late 2017, so learning the current meta has been both fun and challenging.

My plan was to get Cryogonal out as early as possible, and item lock them until I was able to setup Altered Creation for double prizes, then pivot back to Cryogonal to start doing 40 dmg every turn to speed up the clock. This is the how the deck is supposed to work against Dolls, correct?

Appreciate the help!