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accelgor without trainer lock.


Now that vileplume is leaving us, is there a way to play accelgor? Or will the loss of junk arm be sufficient enough to not worry about switch? I sure hope so with this deck idea.

3-0-3 reuniclus (damage swap)
2 mew ex
2 darkrai ex
3-3 accelgor (dex)
2 Emolga (drx)

Pokémon : 18

4 juniper
4 N
4 level ball
4 pokémon catcher
4 dark patch
3 Cheren
3 ultra ball
3 rare candy
2 energy switch

Tss: 31

4 dce
7 darkness

Energy : 9

Total : 60

Basically you setup accelgor and a reuniclus and just deck and cover. If they manage to setup a Pokémon on the bench, you just catcher it and spread the damage. Then night spear for hopefully 3 or 4 prizes at once. While using reuniclus to swap the damage out to either mew ex or accelgor and use deck and cover to heal 80 or 110 damage.

Pros : reuniclus and accelgor can be searched for with level ball. Energy switch can make it easier to use deck and cover every turn.

Cons : easy KO's on everything except darkrai ex. Espeon messes you up greatly.

Losing reuniclus is actually not as big of a deal as most decks that use it so that's a plus I think.

Your Master

Aspiring Trainer
Honestly reuniclus isn't really helpful as it is a 90hp stage 2 and often times it wont matter if you heal off that damage. Oh and there is trainer lock and it seems like it was made for this deck. Here are the changes:
-3-0-3 Reuniclus
-2 energy switch
-4 level ball
-2 emolga
+3-0-3 Gothitelle EPO
+2-2 Musharna
+2 Pokemon Communicattion
+2 Switch
Start with that I haven't really tested this so I don't know a perfect list but this is a start and you can test and change it around as you please