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Expanded Accelgor / Eeveelutions / Vileplume (BCR)


Garchomp Lover
Pokémon: 22
  • 4 Eevee FFI
  • 2 Flareon AOR
  • 2 Jolteon AOR
  • 1 Vaporeon AOR
  • 2 Oddish BCR
  • 2 Gloom BCR
  • 2 Vileplume BCR
  • 2 Shelmet PLB
  • 2 Accelgor DEX
  • 3 Mew EX
Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 31
  • 4 N
  • 3 Professor Sycamore
  • 2 Lysandre
  • 4 Level Ball
  • 3 VS Seeker
  • 3 Ultra Ball
  • 3 Trainers' Mail
  • 2 PlusPower
  • 1 Startling Megaphone
  • 1 Target Whistle
  • 1 Computer Search
  • 4 Forest of Giant Plants
Energy: 7
  • 4 DCE
  • 1 Fire Energy
  • 1 Water Energy
  • 1 Lightning Energy

Get Accelgor and Vileplume out turn 1 with Forest of Giant Plants. For those of you who don't know what Vileplume does, it gives both player's Pokémon a weakness of x4. With eeveelution's Acclegor becomes Grass, Water, Fire, and Electric type. Hit's 200 damage with x4 weakness and deals paralysis and poison. With PlusPower, you can one shot any mega (that has weakness to any of these 4 types). Poison and PlusPower will one shot Wailord EX.


Frontier Brain
Since you are one-shotting everything with Accelgor then why do you need it. It shuffles itself and the Paralysis becomes useless. Pokemon like Leafeon or Cacturne/Mime PLF would be better choices. Also you don't need Plus Powers because Muscle Band and Silver Bangle are better options. Also you have too many search cards you don't need 4 Level Ball and 3 Ultra Ball with Ns and Sycamores(on a side note Colress is great because you want to have a lot of bench Pokemon) you will have your Pokemon out a lot of the time. Hope this helps! :D


Don't Panic
I would have to agree that this definitely looks like two decks in one. Accelgor is one deck (usually paired with Trevenant), and the Eeveelutions and Vileplume are doing something completely different. I think I'd choose one theme and try to make that work as well as it can rather than mashing two different themes together and making a deck that's inconsistent.


Don't Panic
You could just use Trevenant and still be able to play Items yourself. But then again, both Accelgor and Vileplume can take advantage of Giant Plant Forest, so that might actually work. I do think that the new Vileplume has much more synergy with Accelgor than the one from Boundaries Crossed.


Old School Player
Should I just make it Accelgor with Vileplume AOR?
As a player who sometimes over-techs his decks, I've found through play-testing (and through constructive criticism form my Pokepals) that "less can be more." In other words, simplify your deck, keep it centered around your strategy, maximize the deck's consistency, and then fill the few remaining slots with techs (or more consistency cards).

As a deck core, I'd suggest starting with:

3 Accelgor
4 Eevee
2 Flareon

2 Jolteon
3 Phantump
4 Shelmet
2 Trevenant
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