About the forum announcement.


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Well I have no problem with it, but not everyone can spell everything right. What if A 7 year old got on here and misspelt something? Would you ban him? I think its A bit harsh for the younger fans. These forums are supposed to be about pokemon and fun, not spelling things right. If you go through with this then thats fine but just remember that not everyone can spell everything right. And making people spell things right, well that just takes the fun out of the forums.


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It's just saying to try and use correct grammar and spelling, and not this: wut do ya mean by tht?


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Well, I always try to use proper grammer/spelling. But, sometimes a word evades me. I'm glad that WPM posted this. Many people were starting to really lose it: U tink tat ey shuld tak out da gardy x?

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Well I for one think it a great idea mainly because I've seen many liek and teh being used.Even when you tell that person that that is not how the word is spelled they keep using it.


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I agree with you and it might work but at the same time your not going to ever stop it.


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The entire point of the announcement was to stop the INTENTIONAL use of chat speak. Some people do it on purpose even though they can use the English language perfectly fine, which is what we want to stop.

We understand that some people aren't good at English and lack grammar and decent spelling. Programs like Microsoft Word has a spell checker and even the Firefox internet browser has one built in. I would suggest that people use Firefox because it tells you when you make spelling mistakes as you reply to threads like these, and it's simply much better than Internet Explorer.

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Use digression, think about what you're reporting and don't be a hyperactive reporter in terms of spelling/grammar...

Wait, that didn't help much, did it?


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When people take the time to think carefully about what they post and elaborate on their point to a sufficient level, it encourages further conversation in that particular topic. Sharing experiences, ideas, and even giving constructive criticism are all what forums are about. It is a way to organize discussions about topics regarding Pokémon and the community that surrounds it. People learn more about each other, and in many cases, friendships are formed, both online and in real life.

The forums are not like a chatroom, where people have to post their ideas quickly so that they can keep up with the flow of conversation. It is closer to a group of people writing e-mails amongst each other in an organized fashion about a topic. When members do not fully elaborate on their point and use proper grammar and spelling (to the degree that they know how to do), it makes it more difficult to keep the discussion going. Elaboration does not always have to involve writing several paragraphs of information- just enough information to make the point completely clear. Giving examples (especially if an example is an experience you had) can help clarify your point.

When people write posts, it leaves other people with impressions about the person that wrote the post. When you take the time to create your post in a way that benefits the forums, people will think of you as being intelligent and will want to talk to you more. On the contrary, if someone does not put a lot of thought into their post and doesn't take the time to make their points clear, and speaks as though they are in a chatroom, people will think of them as being immature, and might not want to continue to talk to them. Keep in mind that this is not meant to single anyone out in particular, or even a group of people. This is all about how to learn to use the forums in the manner that they were designed for. If people are engaging in thoughtful conversations on the forums, it encourages other people to join and participate.

Posts also not only create an image of the member, but also of the forums as a whole. If many members are not taking the time to fully participate in discussions, it makes the forums as a whole look unattractive, because it gives the impression to people viewing the forums that it is not a place where intelligent discussions take place. We want to encourage people to join the forums by trying to make our forums the best it can be.

We will not take actions against every spelling or grammar mistake you make. We also don't intend this announcement to single anybody or any group of people out for embarrassment. We expect that you guys have varying knowledge about how to spell and use grammar properly. Making mistakes is a part of human nature. As Abhorsen mentioned, this is for people that know how to spell and use grammar properly, but are either unaware of how to post, or in more extreme cases, do not care about how they post.

The announcement is not just designed to help improve the image of the forums, it is also to help people learn how to communicate effectively. In the end, while we work hard at maintaining these forums, these are your forums. In other words, your actions play a crucial role in what direction the forums go in. We want you to be happy with what we have to offer and have many opportunities for enjoying discussions here, and want to help guide you in that direction.

I hope this clears up some of the fears that people have about this announcement and increases awareness about what we are trying to achieve.