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Standard A New Way To Play Zoroark GX/Lycanroc GX

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by biffthepotato, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. biffthepotato It's Wednesday M'dudes


    Yo guys I'm back after two months an finally posting a new thread for a new deck I have been working on after the release of Forbidden Light, witch is a new set that just came out and one thing that caught my eye was the new Lycanroc that came out in the set, and I thought that since it was a good 1 prize attacker, it could when playing against decks like attack Hoopa and Alolan Ninetales. So, here is the list I have been testing with:

    Pokemon: 20

    4x Zoroark GX (SHL) (Draw/Main attacker)
    4x Zorua (SHL) (Evolution)
    1x Lycanroc GX (GRI) (GX attack/control)
    2x Lycanroc (FBL) (1 Prize attacker/Zoroark GX counter)
    3x Rockruff (FBL) (Evolution, 70HP one)
    1x Mew EX (DRX) (Buzzwole GX/Espeon GX counter)
    1x Mewtwo (EVO) (Buzzwole GX/Espeon GX counter 2.0)
    1x Sudowoodo (BKP) (Zoroark GX/Buzzwole GX counter)
    1x Oranguru (ULP) (Stall counter/gets back stuff)
    2x Tapu Lele GX (GRI) (Gets supporters)

    Trainers: 30

    3x N (FCO)
    2x Cynthia (ULP)
    1x Professor Sycamore (BKP)
    1x Mallow (GRI)
    2x Guzma (BUS)
    2x Acerola (BUS)
    2x Bridgette (BTH)

    4x Ultra Ball (SUM)
    4x Puzzle of Time (BKP)
    2x Field Blower (GRI)
    1x Rescue Stretcher (GRI)
    1x Multi Switch
    3x Choice Band (GRI)
    1x Float Stone (BTH)

    1x Parallel City (BTH)

    Energy: 10

    4x Double Colorless Energy (SUM)
    3x Fighting Energy
    2x Strong Energy (FCO)
    1x Counter Energy (CRI)

    The goal with this deck is to get your Zoroark GX up and ready fast to draw cards while using different counters to decks that you have a bad mach up against.

    Win Conditions:

    VikaBulu - use baby Lycanroc to KO your opponent's Vikavolts while using Dangerous Rouge GX to OHKO Tapu Bulu GX.

    WishiWalls - Abuse Uranguru, Puzzles, and Mallow to deck out your opponent.

    Zoroark GX Variants - Use Baby Lycanrocs and Sudowoodo to OHKO Zoroarks.

    Buzzwole GX Varients - Use Sudowoodo, Mew EX, and Mewtwo.

    Garbodor Variants: Use Mew EX, and Mewtwo.

    Zygrade GX - Use Sudowoodo to copy the GX attack and use Baby Lycanroc.

    Please tell me what you think of this new version of Zoroark GX/Lycanroc GX and any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    P.S. I apologize in advance if I don't respond super soon, because I've been really busy lately.

  2. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Maybe it's just me and my love of Rescue stretchers, but here I am anyway.
    Do you really need two counters to Buzz/Esp? If not, I'd cut the Mewtwo for another Rescue Stretcher.
    That's it, and
    [Vulcan hands]
    Live long and Prize Cards.

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