6th Gen ??- Volcanion


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***Please note, There is no offical artwork for Volcanion at the time this set was posted. The only possible artwork is done by DeviantART, or other art related websites. The artwork will be placed here when it's revealed.***

Volcanion is one of the three hidden legendary pokemon in X & Y. Nothing has been really revealed for it and it's backstory. All that is known about Volcanion is that it lives in Volcanos. One thing I love about Volcanion is the typing it has. It's Fire / Water. [Finally one of these typings!] I am excited to see how far it will go with this pretty solid typing. Volcanion base stats are: 80/110/120/130/90/70


Volcanion @ Assault Vest
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 248 HP / 252 SAtk / 8 Atk
Quiet Nature
-Steam Eruption
-Flamethrower / Fire Blast
-Hidden Power [Ice]

Steam Eruption- This is Volcanions special move. This move is pretty much a supercharged scald. It's power is 30 base higher, and it has the same chance to burn targets as Scald.

Flamethrower / Fire Blast- This is the main fire type STAB for this set. Flamethrower is preferred is you need the accuracy. Fire Blast is if you want the extra power at the cost of a lesser accuracy. Both moves have a chance to also burn the target.

Hidden Power [Ice]- This set has real hard trouble with Dragons. Volcanion does have a nice 120 base defense so it's not weak to be taking things like Earthquake even if offensively invested such as this one. HP Ice is the best move possible to be able to deal with them.

Earthquake- I hate to take away from it's 90 base speed. But this is the best coverage I could find on such short notice. Earthquake helps it get around Tentacruel which can be problem to this set. It's also nice to have to get off some SE damage against Electric types.

Set Counters & Checks!

- Charizard [Mega Evolution X]​

Mega Charizard X gets around Volcanion cause of it's typing. If rocks are up and Charizard has not mega evolved prior. Then it's not as BIG threat as you think. Mega Charizard can live one Steam Eruption. Since it is part Fire it will not be burned by the attack. And it can set up and retailate back with a Earthquake.

- Terrakion [Choice Band Variants]​

Choice Band Terrakion is single handly one of the most destructive mons in the OU tier. Nothing can really well switch in against it. Terrakion has banded Stone Edge and or Earthquake which is SE to Volcanion these moves can deal a huge amount even with it's 120 base defense.

- Conkeldurr [Assault Vest + Guts]​

Conkeldurr if anything will love to take the burn coming from Steam Eruption. This activates it's ability of Guts will allows it to deal more damage. This is where it would get bad. Conkeldurr can beat Volcanion cause of the HP that it gets back from using Drain Punch. It can also Knock Off the Assault Vest to deny the boost coming to Volcanion.

I Recommend!

- Skarmory [Defog Supporter]​

Volcanion is x2 weak to Stealth Rock. You would need it to be at as high of a HP as possible. With the Assault Vest boost it can take moves so well. This is where Skarmory comes in you would need something that doesn't take x2 damage from rocks as well to get a better chance to Defog.

- Rotom-Wash [Defesnsive Wall]​

I recommend that you carry Rotom-Wash to help deal with Volcanion weaknesses to Ground / Rock. Rotom-Wash can burn and deal with most of them with Hydro Pumps respectively. Terrakion could be able to break the combation of these two. Even if Skarmory was included.

- Landorus Therian [Defensive + Rocky Helmet]​

Landorus-Therian only gets a recommendation for the fact that it's one of the best checks to Terrakion there is. It also helps that Landorus is immuned to ground. Landorus can also be your Stealth Rock user. If you didn't have one or anything of that sort.


I'm unconvinced about Assault Vest, as it would be worn down so easily between hazard damage and sandstorm.

I would probably run Leftovers + Protect, which gives Volcanion a little passive recovery and extra turns to rack up burn damage. Steam Eruption is mandatory, and support with Flamethrower helps for Natural Cure Grass types and offers a powerful secondary STAB.

Your fourth option could be tailored for team needs. I can't check out its movepool from this computer unfortunately, but if it gets anything to hurt Keldeo and Suicune with I'd probably go for that.


On the surfside.
Yes, This is why Skarmory is there. Skarmory can use Defog and set up hazards on its own.

Also, Suicune can't hurt Volcanion cause of its ability of Water Absorb but in the same light Volcanion can't hurt it either if it sets up a few CMs.


Sure, but due to the total lack of recovery it's much more dependant on that level of support. Lefties Volcanion can afford to come in once or twice with SR on the field, as between Leftovers and Protect it takes net damage of 12.5% rather than 25%. I just don't think the constant support AV needs is worth it.

Suicune will win due to Pressure PP stalling.