Tournament 4-1 Glaceon GX/Welder League Cup

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Pokeman, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    Well I knew that I was going to be dominant today with this deck, no question about that, but I ended up losing in top 8 on game 3 due to time or else I would have went to top 4 and probably won the tournament. Here is the list you all have been dying to get from me! This has to be the most underrated deck I’ve seen in years, it beats, Mewthree, Balcephon GX Reshizard, Malamar and goes 50/50 most games against Pikarom. Only loses to Gardeon, big whoop!


    4 Jirachi
    3-3 Glaceon GX (2 Eevee GX/ 1 SM184)
    1-1 Dewgong
    1 Articuno GX
    1 Dedenne GX
    1 Wobbuffet
    1 Mew


    4 Welder
    4 Cherish Ball
    4 Custom Catcher
    3 Pokémon Communication
    3 Cynthia
    3 Pokegear 3.0
    3 Viridian Forest
    2 Reset Stamp
    2 Switch
    2 Escape Board
    1 Grimsley
    1 Fire Crystal
    1 Pal Pad


    7 Fire
    4 Water
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  2. Serperior 464/500

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    Congrats on your finish! What makes the Malamar matchup so free? This sounds like an abysmal matchup in my head, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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  3. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Can you walk us through how the games went?
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  4. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    Malamar is very easy with custom catchers and Grimsley, all you do is pick off the little things, and if mew is in play you can take advantage of those cards. As for going through every match, I’d honestly love too, but I got less than 2 hours of sleep last night & im ready to smash another cup tomorrow, this time, I will not lose in top cut because of time! I probably just Jinxed myself! To sum up the malamar match, just think of frost bullet and Dewgong my friend, and the game is usually pretty quick, 13-0 against Malamar so far in fun games. Plus they can’t Ditto unless they do something about Wobb. That’s my list and I am not changing a single card, if I had to make 1 change I’d like room for a second Grimsley
  5. Eyyy decklist

    Now this seems spicy. How does the deck do against greenzard? It seems to be a kind of bad matchup.
  6. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    Reshizard gx you can move 3 damage off your opponents bench to him and promote your polar spear GX attack for 300 or use Articuno 260 after hitting it with Frost bullet. The deck has only played Reshizard with all the other jazz in it, but I can’t imagine it losing with weakness, it’ll be 1 shotted
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  7. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    The grimsley is a spicy tech.
    Thanks for explaining how the deck is good.
    It actually seems like a good deck now, instead of a whole bunch of talk.
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  8. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


    Sounds like an epic cool deck!
  9. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    Yeah the deck and list is pretty hot!
  10. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


    In all seriousness though, it is kinda hot. Can’t mewmew find ways to attack with stuff like latios without using mewmew, while under glaceon? It might not work the best but it could make the matchup worse for glaceon,
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  11. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


    But glaceon still stops them from setting up dedenne, so it will still be pretty hard for them to get stuff going.
  12. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    Exactly & Reset Stamp is a brutal card, they get disrupted bad!:p:p:p
  13. AshCo さくうぴい?!


    Yeah, props to @Pokeman for posting the list and explaining things about the deck. It definitely does seem like a pretty cool option, if I get Jirachis on TCGO I'm definitely interested in trying it out myself. I never play standard so it'd be cool for a change.
  14. Salan Aspiring Trainer


    Been messing around with the deck, I have access to fully developed Mewtwo, Pikachu/Raichu, Charzard/Res, Malamar/UltraN meta decks and a Spirittomb/Frostlass deck to fight against at home with the kids.

    So far I can't beat the Pikachu/Raichu deck at all. Just gets stomped.

    I've been fiddling with some alterations from your design in order to fill in some small gaps in my personal play style and what I see problematic in my plays. It does create a secondary issue revolving around Energy use tho, which I am working on.

    The 1 prize being an evolution is a hard one in my tests, usually it ends up being communicated for more damaging options. I already have to evolve the eevee's in order to get my glaceon going, and I need to evolve a second Eevee because the first one is simply not going to last long in this meta.
    I searched for something that could work as a basic 1 prize and came up with a few changes that have been given me some good consistent benefit over the OPs choices.

    I ditched 1 jirachi
    I ditched Articuno GX
    I ditched Seel and Dewgong

    giving me 4 cards to change.

    Swapped the basic Eevee for another Eevee GX so cherish ball had more search ability for my evolution, and i could always communicate one of the eevees if need be.

    I added in 2 White Kyurem as my basic attacker, added 1 Water energy and 1 Cyrus supporter.

    The White Kyurem works well with the welder engine adding fire into a blue deck, and at the same cost of Articuno's attacks it offers 1 less prize, and does more damage.

    I have the same amount of alternative attackers as your Articuno/seel/dewgong was doing at 1 prize and 1 card less, and more damage out put for general attacks overall.
    I do need to invest extra water energy to run both of my White Kyurem (4 blue 2 red) over your Articuno/Dewgong (2 blue, 3 any) combo but I'm trying to account for that with the extra energy in the deck. The cost of running two White Kyruem in a game is detrimental over all when we only have 5 water energy and 7 Fire energy. a 6 / 6 split might need to be tested. Or replacing one of the White Kyurem's with a 1 blue basic attacker. Replacing the Cyrus with a water is another option, thinning the supporter use.

    Cyrus I found very useful early/mid game but quite useless late game. I won multiple games by trapping the opponent into 1 pokemon and winning because of it.
  15. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    Well I’m glad to hear you’re finding success with your own list, but I can guarantee taking out Articuno gx is a horrible move, he 1 shots a lot of the meta especially Reshizard, with Grimsley or Frost Bullet. You should be having more success against pikarom as it is not a problem for me, are you using Glaceons GX attack to knock out pikarom? That’s the main way to beat the deck, in combined with Dewgong and other attackers. Dewgong is the card that has won me a couple games as it syncs with the deck strategy so so well!

    Ps.- Cyrus, great card for this deck, had it in here, but stuck with consistency over it, with I had to take it out prior to the tournament. The deck by far is the most underrated deck in the game right now.
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  16. Deathfinch The Great


    have you ever tried rainbow brush to help with correcting energy if you have an extra fire but need a water or such plays like that?
  17. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    No I haven’t tried it, it’s a nifty idea, but space is very limited. That usually doesn’t happen to be a problem though, but I can see where it can come handy
  18. Salan Aspiring Trainer


    I am finding the same thing with Cyrus, it kills a tiny bit of consistency for me as well. I find I don't get it when I need it a lot of the time, and when I do get it its likely too late. Sometimes it does show up perfectly, but as a 1 card deal its too hit or miss to be useful in reality of the meta.

    in regards to the seel and dewgong, swapping them for the 2 basic attackers which hit for 160 blue damage vs spreading 60 blue damage over two targets isn't that bad, although I can see where the option to dump damage across the board can help, it just wasn't panning out for me. Likely its the way I play tho.

    In your plays do you find having the jirachi's to be worth the search? I've played a lot of decks with them and a lot without them, and the evolution decks almost always seem hindered, although they are great for pokemon communication once you get going.

    I figured i'd try the deck, and fiddle with compositions some and see if it works for me personally, it might very well be that your idea is the most consistent but if we don't fiddle we don't know :)

    Its a fun alternative deck either way. :)

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