25th Anniversary Ultra PRO Portfolio in the Fall!


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Holds up to 360 standard size cards
I may consider getting a binder like this for my first through fourth generation cards. Since I've kept all my old ones in three-ring binder pages for years, and since I rarely pay for a NM when I can buy a Heavily- or Moderately Played card for less, there's no sense in sleeving and then pocketing them, and a binder with pages that are actually attached by the spine is bound to be better for long-term storage. Plus the side-loading is always a plus.

Platinum Espresso

Falinks Fanatic
Beats a cheap flimsy plastic box with the 25th pikachu logo printed on, that's for sure. Probably too bulky for tournament decks, but would be nice to hold a prestige deck


Aspiring Trainer
Doesn't look bad, but for $30 you can get an actual quality deckbox that's not Ultra Pro.