24-Hour 'Sword & Shield' Livestream To Reveal New Information

Wow, a 24 hour livestream. Usually I'll watch Nintendo game videos and reveals the moment they come out but based on the fact that this is more of an animal cam than something like a direct, and especially the fact that it is 24 hours long, means I'll probably wait until someone makes a summary of the livestream on October 5th, rather than even attempting to watch this.
Obviously every few minutes a new Pokemon is gonna walk by and.some might look at the camera, but what if they show the evil drake at the end?
As someone who loves animal cams and the ecology of Pokemon, this is a super cool way to do a reveal and I'm hyped. I just wish it was on a Saturday!
Thankfully I work a desk job now and can probably have this open in a different tab in the corner of the screen or something.
i suspect that this will be much shorter than we think... since this is Sonia's camera, i suspect something will attack it, making the the video cut short, to a normal promotional videos length.
Im guessing and hoping Galarian Zoroark.
While nobody will be able to watch for the full 24 hours, this actually sounds really awesome. I love me some Pokemon ecology!
While nobody will be able to watch for the full 24 hours...
lol... Im sure many people are able to do this. but im not sure many of them would want to... everyone will probably make a edited version of it the next day. my money is still on it getting cut short.
I’m literally just gonna sit in Glimwood Tangle and have the volume at max while doing homework. This is some relaxing stuff.
I thought it was gonna be actual gameplay tbh. This is kinda dissapointing but hopefully theres a new mon
Just like a real forest cam, you've gotta watch for 6 hours to see anything of value show up.
No new pokemon yet? :(