Finished 2020 Inter-Forum Mafia Championship

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Vom, Apr 16, 2020.

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  1. Vom Hey, Adora ~

    Forum Mod Member


    Hey everyone, it's that time of the year! We have officially been invited to participate in the Inter-Forum Mafia Championships!

    The Invitation

    It's only the largest inter-forum event on the entire web with over a hundred communities involved, some of which are dedicated exclusively to playing Mafia. As such, this would be a great learning experience regardless of your skill level, as well as the pinnacle challenge as far as Mafia is concerned if you're looking to step it up.

    The event will be hosted on Mafia Universe by @Lissa , and you will need to sign-up to those forums if you are chosen to represent.

    If you make it all the way to the finals and are elected champion, your prize (besides the bragging rights) will be a certificate signed by Dmitry Davidoff, the creator of mafia.

    The Game

    There will be 10 Qualifiers, followed by 3 Semifinals and The Finale. Our representative will initially play in one of these qualifying games, and will only advance if selected by the community. The Qualifiers have start dates ranging from late April to mid-June, so as long as you're free at some point during this period, you're good.

    The Semifinal Games will be played in July, and the Finale Game sometime in August/September.

    For this year, the setup is JOAT^2. For more information about what this means, or about the whole Championship in general, here is a convenient link.


    Only nominate yourself if you can meet these activity requirements:
    This is not an exaggeration. These games will be very active and it's easy to be stuck playing catch up if you cannot commit to that level of activity.

    If you would like to nominate yourself, say as such in thread below. We're a bit tight on time, so if you think you'd be able to play and are willing to, please post as soon as possible.

    The representative will be elected in exactly 10 days from now, at 4 p.m. EST on April 26th. We'll also select a back up just in case. Afterwards, I will post a poll if there is no overwhelming support for one clear representative and a back up, at which point you will have exactly 24h to vote.

    May the odds be ever in your favour.

  2. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    I could try to play in this, but if someone better than me wants to volunteer, I'm perfectly fine being the back up.

    (I've barely played forum mafia :p)
  3. Celever Wheeeee~


    I'm pretty rusty as far as mafia is concerned but I'd be down to play as well. I took part a few years ago though so I'm also happy to be backup.
  4. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    I'm going to just put what I wrote last year in a spoiler here because I think everything there has pretty much remained the same:
    Oh hey I did enjoy the experience of participating in Champs a lot! You get the opportunity to meet a lot of new players from a lot of new playstyles, and I think it helped me get better at this game a ton.
    I want to note that when it says that you should be prepared to read 600 posts per 24 hours, that's probably on the range that would be considered low activity actually (800+ in early stages of the game is probably a bit more realistic). To have a real influence on the game and not be considered inactive, you probably will need to post 50+ times per in-game day. It was a huge struggle compared to this site to ever be up to date, and I dedicated a ton of time while it was going on just to be able to catch up and give enough thoughts. I highly suggest also that whoever represents us picks 48/24 or 72/24 phase lengths for the first round at least, since they tend to also have players from less hyperactive communities and therefore you'll be less overwhelmed with the thread flood (though the 150 post cap should also help somewhat with that).
    Also worth noting that when they ask for things like the timing of the end of the day, this is incredibly important. A lot of players base their reads off real-time interactions with you, and the end of the day is when everybody gets that chance to interact. You will probably need to be there for at least the last 30 minutes (I was generally there for the last hour) of the day for most days because the chance of a last minute lynch shift is pretty high.
    It's a super rewarding experience and if you can dedicate the time and be friendly and get to know some people (and their ways of playing mafia) along the way, I guarantee you that this experience will be a ton of fun and you will get better at mafia from it.

    I think Ephe and Cel would both be great representatives for us as long as they're able to commit the time to it, but I'm going to also nominate @bbninjas for the 1000th time just in case he's available because he's great.
    I'm also always available to be a representative, but I haven't played mafia in 5 months so I'd also probably be a bit rusty.
  5. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK The Phazing Spider-Man
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    I'll nom myself. I have next to nothing to do since the world crashed and burned, so I'm looking for stuff to do an I want to get back into mafia.
  6. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Ooh hello! Unfortunately I cannot confirm nor deny whether I'm too busy to play, but thanks for the nom.

    That said, I would like to nominate everyone who volunteers to represent us. Go get 'em!!
  7. Lissa Aspiring Trainer


    Hey - just checking in on this! :)

    It looks like @Ephemera, @Celever, @NinjaPenguin, and @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK are interested? Reminder that your rep needs to be selected fairly soon; the formal deadline has been extended a bit, but sooner makes things a bit easier for scheduling :)
  8. Celever Wheeeee~


    Due to other commitments (I was cast on Smogon Survivor -- it's a huge game that will last a couple months) I'll pull out of this. I'll put a vote on @Ephemera if he'd still like to do it since he hasn't done it before and I think he'd do a great job! @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK and @NinjaPenguin, do you have any votes or something?
  9. Thingyman Aspiring Trainer


    Hey everyone, I thought I'd also pop in and say hi. Very happy to see that you're participating again :D

    Like Lissa said, the deadline is a bit close, and PREFERABLY the rep should be decided before Thursday, as that is when the game schedules will be out. But if you need a longer process, that's okay as well -- it would just mean that your rep may have a little less freedom to choose exactly what type of game to play as they would need to choose between the few empty spots there would be left at that point.
  10. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    I'd be fine with either @Ephemera or @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK, but before either participates I want to make sure they're aware of what they're signing up for.
    Here, you've played mafia games where you might get 50 posts in 24 hours if you're lucky, and you only really need to post 5 or so times to be a significant voice. If you're playing on these other sites, your commitment will be ten times as large. You will be thrown into a place where at the very minimum you're sifting through 500 posts a day and you need to make 50 posts a day (or some really detailed walls) if you want your voice heard. This will be harder than any mafia game you've ever played before and the amount of time you dedicate to it will have to be much higher.
    Neither of you have ever played a forum mafia game off-site as far as I'm aware, and if you get selected as a representative, you will be thrown into a scenario you are not ready for. Before my first championship, I had a lot more mafia experience than either of you and I was completely overwhelmed. That's not a bad thing--you'll learn a lot about different styles of mafia and get a lot better at the game by participating--but you need to be mentally prepared and have the time ready to commit to learn on the fly. I really enjoyed my game and met a lot of cool people who I still play with these days and got a ton better at the game as a result. It was a great time, but only because I had the time to put into it.
    I'm saying this really aggressively because our representative last year is a really great person to be around and good at mafia but simply didn't have the time to keep up, and I don't want you guys to get overwhelmed and be subbed out and/or mislynched super early because you simply can't keep up. This isn't remotely like a PB game and it shouldn't be treated like it. At the very least, I'd strongly recommend reading a past game from this series (I have some recommendations if you'd like) or playing one of their Practice Games if you have the time, so you can get an idea of what you're in for.

    With that out of the way, I think both of you would be perfectly fine reps. I'd personally vote for Ephe out of you two, because their performance in BB lets me know that they're good at figuring out motivations and discerning lies. But you need to know and be prepared for this, because if you aren't, this will cause more trauma than be a good experience and I don't want you to have a bad time. If you say you've got the time, I trust you. The scheduling for these games will allow you to pick a game that starts at the time when you're the most available in the next couple months, so don't feel like you can't participate. But please let me know if you're able to commit to it before throwing yourself into the gauntlet.

    I'm still available to play, but I'd like to give Ephe/Nick a shot since they haven't done this before. Just be sure you are committed when you sign up.
  11. Vom Hey, Adora ~

    Forum Mod Member

    A bit under 4h until deadline! So far it's looking like @Ephemera as representative and @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK as back up.

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I really do want to emphasize that the levels of activity in the championship will be very very high, and none of the people bringing up this point are exaggerating. Like NP said, it is a huge time commitment and you should only go through with it if you're confident you can actually allocate the game the time it needs.
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  12. Vom Hey, Adora ~

    Forum Mod Member

    Alright, @Ephemera and @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK it is, congrats! Don't forget to register at MafiaUniverse and sign up as our representative+back up (respectively) in this thread. Do read the Information and How to Use the Software sections if you haven't already, and best of luck. :)
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  13. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    Hey everyone! My game has started and can be found here.

    Feel free to talk about it privately, but do everything possible to make your discussions private and completely and utterly inaccessible to Nick and myself (i.e. don't post about the game in public threads or Discord servers).

    I suppose I’m third in line, copying Vom’s post which copied NP’s. Maybe this could start a tradition?
  14. Thingyman Aspiring Trainer


    Like Eph said, the game has started :D

    Do you wish to spectate and/or talk with players from other communities?
    We have a big server on Discord (1,000+ members) for those that want to spectate and talk about these games. The representatives will be added to this channel too after they die. Or if you just want to chat with people from other communities, we have a general chat too that is unrelated to the Mafia Championship.


    2) Upon joining the server, please inform us of who you are and which community you are from. We will then give you the necessary permissions to see the spectator channel. This is necessary to avoid the wrong people (the representatives and their backups) joining the channel.

    You don't need to have Discord installed in order to join the channel, as there is a web version.

    Do you want to have your own private community spectator chat?
    This is definitely both allowed and encouraged. However, I ask that you please do everything possible to make this chat private and inaccessible to your representative, backup and your representative's opponents. It's important that your thoughts and comments don't influence the game. In other words, please don't post about the game in public threads -- this is very important.

    Mafia Championship Podcast
    For the first time ever, there will be a Mafia Championship podcast.

    The first episode goes live on Twitch at Sunday 4 PM Eastern. It will feature 3-4 former winners.

    It will go live here, if you are interested:

    Where do I get more info?
    Refer to this thread:

    This thread will tell you all the details about this season. It also includes a list of the 165 participating communities and their representatives.


    If you need to get in contact with me, my Discord is Thingyman#6075
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