(2) New Legendary in Victini Movie, Legendary Pokemon Renamed Mythical? [2/10]


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I LOVE MY MYSTICAL JIRACHI. Yeah, right. Go ahead pokemon, continue your shenanigins. No one called arceus ARK KEE US, and no ones gonna call legendary's mystica;. Carry on


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Mythical Pokemon are Legendary Pokemon... Oh yes. This has made my life perfect. I have no idea how did I live before this tbh. Was tight here and there but YAY I made it :D


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Oh my mystical Arceus! What have you done? Now do we have to go around calling Mystical Dialga Mystical Dialga?

In otherwords, heck. This ain't good.


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The only "new" Pokemon are Black and White's hidden Legendary Pokemon Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect, and since it's too early for new forme changes to be revealed, it will obviously be Keldeo, the fourth and additional member of Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion's trio.

A little curious as to why it's 'obviously' going to be Keldeo. Why can't one of the other two make an appearance? Honestly, I'd be more expecting a movie centered around Keldeo and its trio...that, and I love Meloetta and want it to be revealed in a movie soon so there's an event for it and I can get one and name it Evancho. Or something. Anyway, original question. I don't see why it's obvious that it's Keldeo, except if there's some sort of "hidden legends mystics are always revealed in dex order" rule or something.

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MYTHICAL, not mystical. Mystical would just be stupid.

Not that Mythical isn't also dumb though. How can they be mythical if they actually exist? Something being mythical is implied to not exist outside of myth. Also it doesn't lend itself well to being a noun. "I caught two Myths yesterday"? A myth is only ever a story. A Legend can be a noun for a heralded figure, however.

In other words, a fail in both logic and grammar.


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Ah! So it is going to be Keldeo after all. Not too long until I get to see how close my Sugimori-style art comes to how Sugimori actually draws it.

And the whole "Mythical Pokémon" thing is just unnecessary, in my opinion. Chibi Pika basically covered all the reasons I dislike the new term. I think this is one of the very few times I'm sticking with the older term - Legendary just sounds so much cooler.


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Nothing proves it to be Keldeo, Xous... it could easily be one of the other event Pokemon :b

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Um, no it can't. They're not going to give us Meloetta or Genesect because it would leave one-two slots open in the PokeDex.


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It's definately Keldeo. How could it be anything else? It dosen't make sense.

Anyways, I think "Mythical" just refers to event-only Legendaries, which is why Arceus, Celebi, and Victini are described this way. Besides, "Legendary" is such a staple term in Pokemon they'd be stupid to try and change it.

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I will half to get used to calling them Mythical Pokemon. :( Legendary sounds better, though. :(

It better not be Keldeo in that movie. I hope its RESHIRAM!


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People, you don't have to "get used to" Mythical or switch over to calling them that. They are still legendaries. If they were really switching names, the official site would call Reshiram and Zekrom that. And it doesn't. The same official site that is calling Victini "Mythical" refers to Reshiram and Zekrom as "Legendary" Pokemon. Not Mythical.

Mythical is merely a type of Legendary, the ones that are event-only. There's still 48 Legendary Pokemon, but only some are "Mythical."


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This willl ruin the movie and the fate of Keldeo in the series. Keldeo will probably be relegated to a role like that of Regigigas in the 11th movie -- being forced in, and in a tiny role. then, he's only going to appear in one other episode and Keldeo will be one of the least popular legendaries (Too bad, I love Keldeo and he's one of my favorites). If they don'tdo that, it will ruin the plot which is already centered on Victini and Zekrom.

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I beg to differ! I called Arceus AR-KEY-US :p
To be on topic: I think it's a classification of Legendary Pokemon, I really don't they are going to change it from Legendary to Mythical. :\ I guess we'll know on March 6th.....


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First of all, that may be the official pronunciation, but Battle Rev. calls it Ar-see-us.

Secondly, not all Pokemon will be Mythical Pokemon.
I believe that they will do this for the event exclusive Pokemon, meaning:
Maybe Phione, but probably not