(2) New Evolutions, XY Anime [9/19]

Tyrantrum looks like it'll eat you if you look at it funny, and Aurorus looks like a butterfly with a very large body. Ice Dry is super effective against water types? Awesome.

The X/Y anime definitely looks worth watching. It's May and Max all over again, except with a gym leader. I look forward to it.
Tyrantrum looks sick! Thank goodness that they gave Tyrunt a nice evolution.
The other one is kind of...meh. The colorful things on its head seem to change shape. That should be an interesting animation.
Aurorus? Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! That definitely looks more like a fossil Pokémon than Amaura! Aurorus looks more dinosaur-like than Amaura, I dunno, Amaura just simply doesn't look very much like a dinosaur imo. Must be the eyes.

And wow. The X/Y anime looks pretty promising so far. I'm not getting my hopes up too much but...dat animation. Holy sweet Arceus what an improvement. If its one thing, its definitely a step up from Best Wishes which looked too clean and unrealistic.
Oh my Arceus, those evolutions are amazing.
Aurorus is pretty much what I was expecting for Amaura's evo, and it was probably the best way the line could've gone.
Tyrantrum is just sheer awesome. I love the contrast between them; Aurorus being calm, peaceful and more smooth, whereas Tyrantrum is just rough, manic and evil.
I've seen a couple people say it looks scary and stuff, but I think that going the 'scary' route is the only real route that could do the line justice. The tantrum part was expected, considering Tyrunt's description.
It's a T-Rex, what were you expecting?
I've also realised that Tyrunt is the Royal Heir Pokemon, so that would logically make Tyrantrum the 'king'. T Rex's are commonly known as the king of Dinosaurs.
That is amazing, gamefreak.
I love the evolution designs for the fossil Pokémon. Tyrantrum is beastly and Aurorus is beautiful. I'm getting Aurorus in X and Tyrantrum in Y.

Freeze Dry super effective on Water-type Pokémon?! That's awesome! That will help it defend against Water-type Pokémon.

Could not be happier. These are the best fossil pokemon to date!

----Sorry Dancing Omastar...
P.DelSlayer said:
that aside,
Could Freeze Dry be a possible dual-type move?

Here are my thoughts on Freeze-Dry;

''It's probably just a status move that freezes the opponent (like Will-O-Wisp, and Sleep Powder), but does damage when used on a Water type Pokémon. So it works somewhat like curse, but instead of the user's type, the opponent's type is what decides the effect of the attack. My question is; Will Water Pokémon take damage only, or will they freeze as well?

And as somebody else already pointed out on another forum; If the move is a dual type move, it has to be either Ice/Grass or Ice/Electric. However, since Water resists Ice, thus neutralises the super-effective damage of either Grass or Electric, it cannot be a dual type attack.''

Now I think about it, Water Pokémon will probably not be affected by the freeze effect. I guess it will be a move with a formula that goes something along the lines of ''if the opponent is a Water type; deal super-effective damage, if it's anything else, freeze it''.
Pokequaza said:
P.DelSlayer said:
that aside,
Could Freeze Dry be a possible dual-type move?

And as somebody else already pointed out on another forum; If the move is a dual type move, it has to be either Ice/Grass or Ice/Electric. However, since Water resists Ice, thus neutralises the super-effective damage of either Grass or Electric, it cannot be a dual type attack.''[/i]

Most people have thought that dual type attacks are gonna deal damage from 2 types at the same time, but there are some other options that I think are much more plausible:
-the move has its own type, but other types can get STAB of it. (ex a Water Move that Grass types get STAB on)
-the move is of one type but deals damage of a different type (ex a Fire move that does Water damage)
-the move changes type under certain circumstances (ex a Grass move that changes into a Fire move in the forest areas)
-the move is one type, but hits other types for SE damage (like Freeze Dry). (if this is the case, then they better change Sky Uppercut to do SE damage on Flying types)
Ahhhhhh I love Aurorus, it is everything I expected it to be. It's all graceful and still looks cute and love the curly tail. Definitely picking Amaura now. (as if I wasnt already)

Tyrantrum is pretty scary, but in a good way. Not in a "Garchomp" way. :p I wish we could see the rest of him. He looks like he could be a definite powerhouse on anyones team.

Love these designs overall, I was really kinda hoping they'd hold off on them until the games release though, but oh well... I hope they don't release the entire Kalos dex before the games. Dx
in the anime trailer we can see fennekin's fire from a snooze that looks also like magic powder and has a sound of sparkles in the background.
come on fennekin what are you psychic or fairy??
I'm gonna be honest, I actually like the rock/ ice one better. Tyrantum looks crusty lol.
Ash met serena when they were kids....hmmm same timeline....R/S/E remakes confirmed!
Also the fossils look awesome.
The ice type one looks fabulous!!! The T-rex is different than what I expected but pretty awesome I'm definitely going to love using them.
Beautiful designs...choosing a fossil will definitely be much harder this generation! I don't know what it is, but between the designs and names, Gen VI is shaping up to be absolutely amazing. I mean, I'm no Genwunner, but what we've seen so far is so much better than Sinnoh and (while still I liked it) Unova.

I'm not an anime watcher, but I think the character design choices are interesting. The XY Nurse Joy looks very similar to her Best Wishes appearance, while the XY Officer Jenny looks reminiscent of her earlier (Original Series-DP) design. Must be the hair and blue uniform.
Im mostly excited for EXP for catching pokemon, and for some reason Only mega Evos for past Gens, which both confirms that one, it would be cruel fate if they never made Mega Evos again because then their own gen wouldn't have any, and two there is even more mega evos and they are all from the 650 so more likely for our past favorites to get them than our new favorites coming with XY.

Also the anime looks awesome! I like the new designs for joy and jenny, although I hope Team Rocket doesn't go back to being bumbling fools again, I mean they kind of are for nostalgia reasons but it was really cool how awesome and actually proffesional they were in BW and I hope they bring that back. And if there one complaint agree with with BW its that yes, my memories of it look a little more Flash/Illustrator more so than Photoshop, if you know what I mean...

now for details, little sis is matchmaking, I expect awkward cuteness everywhere now, also Aipom arm=win, also Ash is secret childhood crush potentially for serena, the Plot thickens!!!

Its also pretty obvious Ash and froakie have a connection going on, which makes me happy.
Aurorus has Iguanodon thumbs. Hnnggh. That doesn't even make sense but I still love it. Much MUCH better than its pre-evo.
I like how Tyrantrum kept its spiky ruff around its neck; it reminds me of feathers. I love me some feathered dinos.
I wonder how big these guys are. I'm hoping super huge, at least by Pokemon standards o.o It's hard to tell from the screenshots because it still seems to be uncertain if scale will be represented accurately.
Yeah, I can live with no mega evos in the Kalos Pokemon as well. I mean, we wont get the manticore we were hoping for, or mega starter evos, but it's understandable. I'm still predicting that this will change in the game's sequel and there will be more new megas.

I'm also excited for the EXP in catching Pokemon, as I am someone who catches anything and everything.

And CMP, I completely agree. 4th gen was my least favorite and 5th wasn't too bad to me either, but 6th is getting to be at least my second or third favorite already as far as designs.
These fossil Pokemon look... absolutely amazing! best we've seen in a few Gens in my not so humble opinion!