(2) Galactic's Conquest News, Pokemon Platinum Coverage Continuing


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Skuntank G + Toxicroak G is already a bit of a combo, but it's just a bit of a shame that Toxicroak G doesn't do more damage, otherwise it might actually work well. To be honest, none of the Galactic Pokémon are that great apart from 2 small exceptions on 2 cards. First, Dialga G and Pierce, which is a nice disruptive attack, automatically stopping Trainers and Stadiums. Kabutops (MD) is probably better since it isn't an attacks and does a bit more than 10 damage, but still, it's a nice option. Dialga Lv.X G is the best card of the lot so far thanks to it's Poké-Body only. Seriously, we will be needing a good way of stopping Poké-Bodies since Lati-Lock is rotated. Doesn't stop Galactic Poké-Bodies, but still... Remove Lost is a nice attack as well, being what is likely to be the ultimate form of Energy denial.


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Uhh...is it just me, or is Platinum going to be FREAKING UBER?!

For the sets, I love the Galactic thing, but I hate most of the artwork. Purugly's done, as well as Skuntank.


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Error on the following:

Purugly G LV.40 - Steel - HP90
Basic Pokemon (SP)

Shows as a Colorless Pokemon.

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About Platinum...Yes! We can Re-battle the Gym Leaders! I also like the Trainer's Club in Buck's house...More Trainers, More Battles, Rotom Formes...So much cool new stuff!

Also, I like what I'm seeing of the Galactic's Conquest cards so far. The art of the second Giratina card is awesome.

I'm really liking the Dialga G Lv.X...


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Platinum may be the best Pokemon game yet, and I'm not exaggerating. The main plot is unusually deep for a Pokemon game, and there are so many things to do post-game, it's sure to occupy me until the next generation of games come out! Being able to re-battle the Gym Leaders is a long-awaited feature.

As for the Team Galactic set, I do believe Dialga G Lvl. X will see a fair amount of play.


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the artwork on the cards are amazing. i really like the second Giratina Card's art and the Dialga G Lv. X.
ha, the birds can be caught in Sinnoh? that's awesome. Maybe they did that so the locating map on your Poketch has more use.

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Awesome! Do we have any ruling yet if you can Level-up a poke from a Pokemon G?

I also like the artwork, but the way some of the G pokemon look right at you makes it feel a little...strange.:D


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I wonder if you can use a 2-2 Dialga Lv. X line and a 2-2 Dialga G Lv. X Line? I believe that the previous rulings on team names is that they are treated as different Pokémon. I hope that Pokemon makes the same ruling. If they do, that would be a sweet combo! Also they have awesome artwork. Please Pokemon USA, put Pokemon G in Stormfront.


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Oh my God I can't believe they are going to make those broken galactic pokemon. Skuntank with Toxicroak is nearly unfair. And Togekiss + candy + Gyarados Start = total redonkulous start.

can't wait for this set


...battle roads for the lose peoples....
remove lost for dialga lvl.x,

it is right now
should be


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Platinum just gets better and better as I read this. Can't wait to get it.

Galactic's Conquest looks wonderful. Really awesome art.


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The legendary birds are in Platinum after the E4? That is so cool. This is going to be so awesome. Man I can't wait now.:)


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Wow , Platinum is going to be the best game since G/S/C.
Maybe even better! :D

for TGC, you guys missed the best part of the set , All SP pokemon are basic (just look at them.)


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Thanks for all the hard work on the spoilers! I wonder if there will be more Galactic pokemon cards like in the Team Aqua vs Team Magma set. Does Pokemon with G count as pokemon of a different name like Magma/Aqua pokemon or not?