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I saw the movie at the hollywood theater in Colorado Springs, CO.
I haven't seen a pokemon movie since Pokemon Heroes and when I saw that the newest one was coming to the theaters, I HAD to go! Not only was the movie great, but the poke-nerds made it even better. The characters and storyline were fantastic and the CG was tastefully done. I had a picture to go with my post.... but I can't figure out how to upload it... u.u


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I love the movie . I saw it at university village 10 . I saw both showings and there WILL be showing it next week . Pokemon let them really ,call them . Well I started too cry when ash and victini died . I got twoof the gift bags , so I got two of everything big card , magma sampler , abd more. Thank you pokebeach and where is the photo contest.

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I just saw the movie this morning at the AMC 24 promenade in westminster,CO. I loved this movie so much. The only complaints I would really have were that it took a little while to finally get to the actual plot and I feel it was more about reshiram than zekrom, but it was a great movie over all. If I could've done it I would've gone both saturday and sunday.


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I Saw the movie at:
Grapevine Mills 30 Theatres
3150 Grapevine Mills Parkway
Grapevine TX 76051

I have never been one to hate on the Pokemon anime like way too many people do, as a matter of fact I have loved every one of the movies, so this may be a little bias but i really loved this one! it was probably one of my favorites. It was amazing getting to see it in theaters again, i really hope they make this a habit. I really loved the how Truth vs Idealism, it was very deep for a Pokemon movie and i like that. Another aspect I loved was how the "villain" wasn't even really a villain, he thought was he was doing was right thing, witch was really refreshing. It was really cool to get to see Zekrom and Reshiram in action and to get to hear there voices. on thing i didn't get was team rocket, they acted much more like they did in the previous seasons, but if that my only complaint im happy. Keep up the good work TPCI ! :)


RE: (1) Movie 14 Goodies This Weekend + PokéBeach Contest Details [12/2]

I saw it at the Forum 8 in Mid-Missouri, and thought it was a good movie. The "bad guy" Damon was not just evil for his own selfish purposes, he was actually trying to do something for someone other than himself. I found it quite interesting at the end how, conveniently, the castle landed right near the ocean, almost as if that were solely for Victini. One thing that I thought though, was that even though Damon had good intentions for moving the castle and restoring the Land of the Veil, that the old king wouldn't have died using the power of a legendary Pokemon to move a castle to a different location just for fun. Also, even though I personally like Reshiram better than Zekrom, I do think that they chose the right version of the movie to show in theaters, with Reshiram being truth, and Zekrom being ideals; Ash was most certainly better to be chosen by the Pokemon of ideals. Zekrom's voice could have been better, and I missed the first 30 minutes of the movie, but I still enjoyed seeing it, and most certainly wasn't going to pass up a chance to see a Pokemon movie in theaters, given that the last time I saw a Pokemon movie in a theater was when I was barely old enough to play the games. The gift bag was completely unexpected, but definitely not unappreciated. Downloading the special Victini was top of my priority list as soon as I got somewhere with Wi-Fi. I really hope the next Pokemon movie will be shown in theaters here in the U.S., because that was an experience I truly missed.


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I saw it at the Studio Movie Grill in Plano.

Victini wasn't too annoying, and actually seemed to contribute to the story (unlike Zorua and Manaphy from past movies). I also thought that the voice acting and portrayal of Reshiram and Zekrom was good. Golurk and Hydregion were cool as well.

The music seemed hit-or-miss. Some of it should have been swapped out, but other parts were excellent. The piano solo was used way too much IMO.

I liked the CGI, and I personally don't mind that it draws attention to itself. The frame rate could have been a little better, considering it was a movie, but the art was in general very good.

The plot was good, even though it kind of "wandered around" so to speak for the first half.

I also liked how there wasn't a real villain (kind of the stones and dragon force, though). It's an interesting quality that seems to appear in other anime as well. I enjoyed how it wasn't as formulaic as the other Pokemon movies as well. However, I think that if the two legendaries were swapped, it would make a little more sense. Damon was following his ideals and dreams, while Ash had the truth - that Damon's plan would cause immense destruction. I think that the truth and ideals thing was kind of slapped on there anyway; it should have been explored more. Finally, Damon had a thought-provoking statement, "How could following the dream of my mother be wrong?" This proves that good intentions are not always enough, which, I think, was the main message of the film.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It might not be my favorite Pokemon movie, but it's up there.


I went and saw the new Pokemon movie with my mother, her friend and her daughter on Saturday at:
Rave Cinemas Grove City 14
4218 Buckeye Parkway
Grove City, OH 43123

We got there a couple of minutes early, so we went and got our movie packs with the jumbo Victini card(which is awesome), and then we made our way into the theater. There were less than 20 people in the theater? I think a lot of people forgot that the movie came out on Saturday, or they went to other theaters.
Anyways, I loved the movie, it was an awesome movie. I can't wait for it to come on TV.

Here are pictures of my mother and me in front of the movie poster :)

<a href="http://s514.photobucket.com/albums/t343/minameme_2010_photo/?action=view&current=Mypokemonpicture.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i514.photobucket.com/albums/t343/minameme_2010_photo/Mypokemonpicture.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

<a href="http://s514.photobucket.com/albums/t343/minameme_2010_photo/?action=view&current=mompokemonpicture.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i514.photobucket.com/albums/t343/minameme_2010_photo/mompokemonpicture.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Im not quite sure if the pictures will come out right or not..


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Victini3000 said:
I saw it and I cried when victini and ash died . I clap , whisled and cheedred at the end . Im seeing it again tommorow with my new friend I met there so im going to be happy. THANKS POKEBEACH FOR THIS POKETASTIC CONTEST!!!!

Thanks for the spoiler! :headbang


Only heard about the movie yesterday at the local TCG, but I'm glad I checked out Mounds View, MN's showing today! Here's my proof with the movie poster (Cheerio the Umbreon in tow):

I'm still admittedly 'meh' about how obvious a lot of the CGI backgrounds are versus the animated characters for these movies, but dang, some of the CGI effects had my jaw dropping a bit, especially in the dragon battles and summonings (plus, loved how the storybook portion was designed! Loved it!)-- somebody shouted "EPIC!" when the end credits started rolling, and yeah, that was a fitting word for it.

I grinned when the Minccino had to dust off the Pecha berry before they'd eat it.

Wondering how often Pokemon travel in groups of fewer than 50 in this world. Wow those are some big flocks/herds/bunches that keep running around.

Thumbs up for making the conflict have more shades of grey involved, ie: antagonist only being so because of the way he was going about getting what he thought was right. So much easier to get engrossed in a story when one side's not a cackling caricature villain.

Speaking of debatable villains: man, this movie sucked for Team Rocket! How long were they trapped up there, trying to hold on?


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I saw the movie..

First of all, I was really excited. My parents thought I was crazy.

I had to spend quite some time and gas money to get there. It was about a 140 mile drive altogether (Not counting the miles I used when I got lost at points).. The time of the showing was 12:30 AM and I had to work at 3PM and I totally did not have the schedule for that... so I fearfully called my manager to give a minor late schedule change.

The ticket total was $9 and the gas costed even more... I bought a small drink which was $4.50, but as soon as I handed in my ticket, I asked if they had the goodie backs and they did! I was relieved because I read on Saturday that some theaters did not provide those. I looked around for a Victini poster but there wasn't any around... unless if there was one inside the building.

As I handed the ticket to the worker, I walked down the hallway and read, "Pokeman" in front of the Pokemon movie entrance. That gave me a laugh. Inside I was shocked to see very few people there! There were only about 5 families and 1 boy who explained out loud how he was a Pokemon since day one and he's 21 now. Kudos to him. I felt like clapping out loud. Good to know I'm not the only 20 year old, or should I say, non-Elementary grade there.

After the commercials showed, the screen froze and it took about 15 minutes for them to start the movie... At least it worked. I was all excited.. even over the Pokemon intro. The movie started off fairly well. I especially like the battle tournament and how unique it was. I thought the cameo appearance of the mother and her little child was funny, as she obviously made a cameo appearance in most of the other Pokemon movies. The movie went on to be fairly entertaining. I liked some of the battle scenes and how intense it was.

Overall I was fairly impressed. The whole story definitely lacked something though. It's much better than the previous movie, in my opinion, but it wasn't that great. Was the whole thing worth to visit? Well since the last time Pokemon's screened at a theater, I must say it was. Plus with the cute little sticker and etc. they gave... it's really cute. I returned from work and I feel exhausted from the driving and of course, work. Today was a very weird day though. For some reason, it's really weird. But I'm glad I had a chance to see the movie. Wished it was better, but maybe it's because I'm 20 and I view the anime a little differently now.. They just need to make the target age for older people too. :)


I saw the movie at Kennesaw, Georgia at Barret Commons 24. My thoughts on the movie: it was a pretty good movie and definately better than expected and i hope they keep making the movies like that.


RE: (1) Movie 14 Goodies This Weekend + PokéBeach Contest Details [12/2]

I saw this movie at a Great Escape theaters-
115 Foster Drive
McDonough, GA 30253

Ah, it felt good to see a pokemon movie premiere on the big screen again after all these years... now, for my opinion of the movie.
I wondered why The Pokemon Company took the chance with this movie by putting it in theaters, they must have been pretty confident that it would do well to release it all, even if it was a limited release. I thought maybe it was because the anime was regaining some popularity, and while they may be true, after seeing the movie I can now say it was probably because they knew this was the best one they've had in a long time. I've felt that recent movies have been okay at best. The last one I remember liking a lot was "The Rise of Darkrai", while the ones following that, while still enjoyable, have left me a little disappointed (although "Arceus and the Jewel of Life" certainly had its moments). Now, what makes this new movie better than the others? Well for the first five minutes, nothing. But then came Reshiram. Not since Lugia's hyper beam in "Pokemon 2000" have I been blown away by the awesome power displayed by a pokemon like I was when Reshiram came in to deal with the stampeding Bouffalant. That's the biggest thing I always hope to see whenever I watch a pokemon movie, and this movie was filled with moments like that. Reshiram and/or Zekrom were responible for most of this movie's greatest moments, holding nothing back with dazzling displays of fire and lightning. That's the best part of the movie in my opinion, but this movie was also an improvement in story as well. Yes, there were a few cliche moments here and there, but the story was actually interesting and they didn't make it obvious how things were going to go down until the antagonist's intentions were actually revealed, and I was genuinely drawn into the plot. The animation was also good, but a few moments where they used computer generated models instead of drawing them were a little hard to ignore. The soundtrack was fine, though aside from an altered version of the Black and White theme song, nothing much to take note of. The voice acting was... well it didn't bother me except when Reshiram and Zekrom talked (which was thankfully not much). I much prefer the roars over the human voices. Overall though, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this movie. The story worked, the battles were awesome, and I am loving that Jumbo Victini card. :D This is easily one of my favorite pokemon movies, and may even replace "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" as my favorite pokemon movie yet.


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Woohoo my first post :) I attended the movie at the Rave Cinemas in West Springfield MA

Overall I had a great time, went with my girlfriend and was happy to get the gift bag even though we got there 10 minutes late (shame on me!). I thought the movie was enjoyable, though the story got a bit ridiculous towards the end. I would have also liked some more songs (just two and one was in the credits...come on now) and less piano ballads lol.

Though it had it's corny moments I still thought this was a solid addition to the long list of Pokemon movies. Plus I bought a Noble Victories blister pack the night before and got two reverse holo Victini AND the full art Victini. It was a sign! :)

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Just got off of work, after leaving early so I could catch the only screening of the film today. So, I wanted to share my thoughts on the film from various perspectives. I want to say first and foremost that I want to judge this film for it's merits as a single piece; not basing it on Chapter Black (which i've yet to see), or any previous Pokemon films.

The film works as sort of a gaiden (continuing story) piece, popular with anime movies of long running series. It gives you a brief chance to grasp the basic personalities of the cast; Cilan is team cook, Iris is nuts for Dragons, and Ash is all about everything Pokemon though he's not the brightest of the bunch. The basic thematic storyline, is a story about wanting to return things back to the way they were and wish fulfillment. Which makes our antagonist, actually kind of hard to dislike; Damon only wants to makes his Mother's dreams come true, return his people to their rightful lands, and set things right. Unfortunately, if it was easy to fulfill a wish there would be no conflict and thats where the true antagonist lies; that's not to say that Damon's stubborn attitude and unbending view doesn't make him on the dark side a tiny bit. The true enemy, is a force of nature and about being uncompromising with your view; in the case of the Dragonforce running wild, which was caused by two brothers that refused to see the other side of the argument. Caught in between this conflict, is naturally our main characters and the Pokemon being highlighted: Victini. Being a legendary Pokemon, Victini already had his unique trait of granting luck to others; likening him a bit to the Greek mythological being Nike. However, Damon just uses him to the simplest level which is as a living battery; would have been nice to see Victini's luck giving had more of an active role. Needless to say, being a living battery isn't good for anyone and our main cast objects to this. All of this leads to some cool events/scenes that i'd rather not spoil, just in case, but were quite interesting and I don't know if i've seen a plot quite like it. All in all, i'd give the story a thumbs up although it could have benefited from the main points of not being unopen to others perspectives focused on more.

The next area i'd like to focus on is the animation itself. I have to say that the visuals were appropriate for the type of story being told. It didn't feature a lot of instances of bad animation, or just poorly drawn shots. The amount of 3D is a bit disappointing, only because I personally would love to have those scenes rotoscopped into 2D instead; which would make them look more natural with the rest of the film. There wasn't anything about this film that really disappointed me, but at the same time nothing blew me away either.

Once Chapter Black airs, I intend to do another post to talk about the movie as a whole; since i'd love to see how the two films intermingle if at all. There were some nods it seems to the other film, and I hope the reverse is true. All in all, I enjoyed Victini and Zekrom and look forward to the film (hopefully) being released on DVD with both version of Dual.

I viewed the film at: Carmike Wynnsong 11 @ 1150 Shawnee Street, Savannah, GA


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SPOILER FREE RE: (1) Movie 14 Goodies This Weekend + PB Contest Details [12/2]

I live in Charlotte, NC, so I was very lucky that Pokemon the Movie: White: Victini and Zekrom was screening at AMC Concord Mills 24 (8421 Concord Mills Blvd. Concord, NC 28027), only about 30 miles/40 minutes from my home! They offered a Saturday, December 3rd showing at 10:20 A.M. and a Suday, December 4th showing at 10:25 A.M.. I attended the Saturday showing with my sister. Really, I was very lucky to have been able to attend at all – when it was first announced that the movie would be showing in select theatres for U.S. audiences none of the listed participating theatres were close enough for me to make on the dates. I signed up to be alerted of ticket availability anyway – just to show my support! I did not receive any further news or email stating that more participants had been added to the list until I received this message at 1:02 A.M. the day before! I was ecstatic to discover that Concord Mills 24 would be playing the film! But guess what? The provided link to purchase tickets was broken at the time! It was not until 4:01 P.M. that I received a 2nd message titled “Pokemon Tickets Available Now!” and was able to confirm ticket availability and showtimes for the movie!

I was so excited during the drive over, waiting in the box office line, and throughout the previews that I could hardly contain myself! Chatting up neighboring fans about where to find Pokemon merchandise didn't help at all! (I can't believe nobody is aware of the fact that Hot Topic always carries Pokemon merchandise! My excitment climaxed with the gorgeously animated “World of Pokemon” introduction at the movie's beginning! It sent chills up my whole person. I had goose flesh!

[In stating my opinion of the film, I won't spoil anything for all you fans who did not have a participating venue reasonably located to your place of residence, and will be watching Black on Cartoon Network on the 10th (as will I).] The promos were wonderful. My sister loved the movie. She said it followed The Rise of Darkrai as best movie. I'll admit I did not think quite as highly of it. (My faves are Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and Mewtwo Strikes Back, JSYK.) I would have found myself a bit bored during much of the middle of the film had it not been for my amazement in witnessing a Pokemon production on the silver screen for the first time in years. (And the 1st traditionally animated feature since The Princess and the Frog for that matter.) I found the plot theme of character “Damon” attempting to return his homeland to it's former glory much too similar to Damos' actions in Arceus and the Jewel of Life, especially considering the fact that there is only a one letter difference in their names and one movie between the two. I caught myself calling him “Damos” throughout the day. I felt the cities' former control over Victini, Zekrom, Reshiram, and the "Dragon Force" should have been explained in more depth along with the "barrier". My only real complaint was, as always, how incredibly annoying it is hearing some Pokemon repeat their name over, over, over, and over again. (Paired with goo-goo baby sounds in Victini's case.) I really wish they would use cries like they do for the big legendaries; more in keeping with the games and easy on the nerves. I would be embarrassed to have, say, my mom watching that with me, a 20 year old woman, so long as we must be tortured by such babble! Nevertheless, I very much enjoyed the experience! It might be many years before we have another wonderful event like this! I'm looking forward to it!

Please don't kill me for my poor grammar, WPM! And thank you verrrrry much for always keeping me up-to-date, and for the opportunity to enter this fabulous contest!

Edit: Oh, and another thing I'd like to say is that I thought they did a really excellent job casting the Dragon of Truth's telepathic voice! It was as good as the Original One's in Jewel of Life, whose voice was for me a source of both surprise and great admiration. Though I have never followed the TV series for even a single season, I always watch the movies and buy them when they include a promo card. So for me it's especially refreshing seeing Pokemon in action! [I saw the commercial for Black on CN and noticed Damon had a Gothitelle instead of his Reuniclus – so perhaps likewise Solosis and Duosion will be making Oran juice for the kids and Gothita and Gothorita will power the castle?]

My showing was nearly full with a delightful mix of folks, from families to lone 50+ year olds. (Movie critics?) A really cool 7 year old kid sat behind me and quietly told his dad the names of all the Pokemon. During the credits we had a nice conversation, which started with him asking where I got my Rayquaza-faced hat (the one from Pokemoncenter.com/Journey Across America PC kiosks). When he heard that they had Skitty, Groudon, Kyogre, and Pikachu as well, he shared that Kyogre was one of his favorite water types. The shame was, most people left during the credits and neither stuck around long enough to mingle in the lobby afterwards or glimpse a certain legendary [and one of my very least favorite] Pokemon in a cameo that made even me smile!

Tickets were only $5 but the cinema did not display the movie poster we were supposed to stand in front of for the photo contest! Even the staff confirmed that they had not received one. So I took a picture in font of the ticket booth and sign showing the showtimes instead. [For the occasion I even wore the Torchic, Treeko, and Mudkip holographic, plastic, kids' rings from the party favor set years ago, as well as the current lenticular Pikachu ring, the honeycomb Rayquaza jacket from PC, and the old Kanto cluster tee and current Pikachu backpack from Hot Topic. As well as my LeafGreen GBA case which I use to carry both my HeartGold sleeved-DSi and Pokewalker, GBA, and every one of my Pokemon version games; the consoles and case decked out in Hoenn and Sinnoh quarter machine cell charm figures and screen wipers I found at a movie arcade in KS... Perhaps that was why the group of teen boys who had attended the event tried to stop the conversation as quickly as I started it when we met in a F.Y.E (who has an awesome BW, 2012, TV series calendar, BTW) in the mall the theatre's located within.]

Funny thing is, many of you who drove a long way probably had an easier time than I, since my left rear tire blew out on the return trip.


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- my entry-
I live in Greensboro, NC and so was lucky that there were not just 1 but 4 or 5 theaters with the movie in my area (30 min radius). I went to wynsong theater in winston-salem NC. I was lucky that they had the gift bags, and it surprised me as I was not expecting anything extra! My best friend could not go as he had to work. There was at least 20 (maybe over 30?) people there and only 3 or 4 kids, most people were between 17 and 30. No crying babies, thank goodness!

They also had the poster inside but I did not know about that contest so I did not take my picture. I really liked the movie, seems the animation just keeps getting better. I do wish Ash had been a little quicker on realizing things with Victini (early on). I liked the ending and plan to buy both DVD versions (zekrom and reshiram). I missed the thunderus cameo, I will have to look closer when I get the DVD.


RE: (1) Movie 14 Goodies This Weekend + PokéBeach Contest Details [12/2]

I went to the studio movie grill in Plano(TX) to see it today. Haha it was better than expected and I loved the shiny Hydreigon!! My friend and I both freaked out when we saw it. All the Pokemon were so cute!!! And that Deerling with the voice XD
Anyway it was better than I thought, and I'm loving the jumbo Victini card!!


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RE: (1) Movie 14 Goodies This Weekend + PokéBeach Contest Details [12/2]

I went to the Licoln Square Cinemas in Bellevue, WA today. It was a really good movie, but I guess what I loved about it the most was finally seeing a Pokemon Movie in a theater after all these years.

I found something really funny though, and that was most of the parents there were there mostly because they were Pokemon fans themselves, and their kids too, so it was a really nice thing.The theater was almost full, I hope they keep doing this for the next movie, even if it is a limited time only, its completely worth it.

That's my completely spoiler-free entry (I'm not a big fan of the ending though, its starting to get a little bit repetitive, but I dont wanna post any spoilers for anyone who didnt get the chance to see the movie)


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RE: (1) Movie 14 Goodies This Weekend + PokéBeach Contest Details [12/2]

Saw the movie at AMC Santa Anita 16 at 11:20

Seeing another Pokemon movie after so long was just amazing. The fact that the movie's tickets were cheaper than the standard price AND I got goodies just sealed it. Best experience of the year, hands-down.

And I have to say, the movie itself was actually quite good! I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting too much out of it, but it really surprised me for the better. I took a bunch of friends with me and they all loved it as well. Cinedigm, if you are reading this, PLEASE continue to do these movies, and don't just make them one time showing for two days either. I plan on seeing every other one that hits theaters, no doubt. Thanks for making my weekend amazing. :)