(1) Additional Toy Images Leaked, Possibly Confirming the Green Pokemon [7/7]


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Wow, that Reshiram looks cooler than the Sugimori art. That, I like. I have practically no doubt that Green guy is probably a brand new Pokemon now.

dmaster out.


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for the toy of the pokemon that is next to iris it may be real but the color is wrong her is my prof


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That Reshiram figure looks like it belongs on top of a cake...and should me made out of white chocolate.


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I'm sorry about that. I didn't meant to hurt your guys' feeling like that. Maybe you're right,probably I'll give it rest. But I did come a good theory,right? But we've see what's in store for the anime.

If Iris's Reshiram's human form,(you guys probably disgree w/ me on this)I'mguessing this little pokemon guy's Zekrom's another form,I think Its has two form (like Shamimam's sky forme & Giganata's septentine forme),but I meant child to adult.

It makes me of thinks Card Captors' Kiyro,the little cat guy change into the winged lion,& Celeb from Dragon Drive can change a little dragon into big 1,blue to red. It's kind like Digimon almost, when they digivolve into big,but normally turn back to normal.

Picture the little guy as a pokemon version of Hulk like Bruce Banner's turning the Hulk. I think that little dino guy Zekrom when it gets mad.


Lol I guarantee you no one's feelings were hurt. I'm sure most laughed at you or felt sorry for you. Honestly, you made yourself look like a total idiot and in my opinion the post above doesn't remedy that.

But I guess, as has been said many times before on these forums:

To each their own.