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The last Japanese set of the Sword & Shield era has officially been revealed: VSTAR Universe! Pokemon unveiled the set through a YouTube livestream.
As posted before, the set will release in Japan on December 2nd. It is a reprint set featuring new alternate art cards — some of which we’ve already received in our promo boxes, like the Charizard cards from our Ultra Premium Collection.


The set will feature 172 cards before secret rares. Since it’s a special “High Class Pack” set, each booster pack will contain 10 cards instead of the usual five for Japan.



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Oh boy I sure can't wait to get any boxes of these close to retail price because demand is higher than stock in Japan right now


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Did all reprint V and VMaxes in VMax climax get character arts? Looking like we getting new arceus, Palkia, Dialga and Giratina alt arts and new mew alt arts if that’s the case

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My god, those full arts...this is what full arts should've always been. You cannot with a straight face look me in the eye and tell me that this 1666959729803.png is not better than this 1666959797311.png. Hope the trend continues in S&V.


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Zoroark VSTAR is 234/172 which means there’ll be at least 62 of these alt arts. How many do you guys think there might be in total?