“Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler” Fully Revealed!

These sets have some cool artworks, here are my top 5 from both of them :]

1. Mantine
2. Politoed
3. Sudowoodo
4. Eevee
5. Ducklett Machamp-V
1. Kricketune
2. Ponyta
3. Glaceon
4. Komala
5. Ursaluna
That Origin Dialga VSTAR is honestly busted - it's basically Yoga Loop Medicham V but better as you instantly get your second turn whether or not you knock out the opponent's Pokémon. I guess it being a 'once per game' move stops it from being utterly broken, but that can be a game changer if you get it right.
For my art preference, I like Time Gazer more. Let me start with Hisuian Typhlosion. Drawn by Kouki Saitou, one of my favorite artist during the EX and DP series (the other is Masakazu Fukuda). The background is fittingly well for both its type: it burned the surrounding area and now it becomes a ghost town. The look on its face express deep joy from its "accomplishment". The gems in Mawlie art are reminisce to EX Crystal Guardians, and I missed out on that set :(. The Drifloon background art is superb, as well as Drifblim (those houses looks like pokeball and the stars in the sky gives the magical nostalgia feeling). Poliwrath dual-style appeals to me. Machamp speaks for itself (same with Noctowl in Battle Region). Space Juggler has Ponyta drinking, adorable. That electrode the mouth is an upside down version of the regular Electrode. Togepi is super cute. Uxie Mesprint and Azelf all have beautiful background (my favorite is Uxie of the three). I still believe Makuhita is inspired by Majinn Boo. I am not really a fan of Regi but Regidrago is good enough for my collection. Lastly, I will wait to see if Gardenia, Adaman and Irida has full art.
i'm not saying it's necessarily good or better than the ultra prism bastiodon, but they're like *completely* different so i feel like you can't really claim that it completely outclasses it. the ultra prism one only protects metal pokemon from special energy attacks so is pretty limited in scope, whereas this protects everything from all Vs, less powerful protection but could be used in a much wider variety of situations
which relevant V's don't use special energies? I agree with the metal part, but the old bastiodon could absolutely open metal decks if printed as written instead of this extremely narrow design.
Yanma - free retreat is nice 60 hp is relativly low. Grade: 3/5 it is relativly mobile as a pre evolution

Yanmega - hits for weakness on darkrai, but you need to fullfil a condition that may have u play unoptimized and on that a choice belt. There exist better darkrai counters. The only thing that this has over them is free retreat.

Leafeon - if we are able to get any way to cheat this into play t1 esc energyevolution eevee, then this attack is bonkers. T2 energy accel on an attack is proven weak if not doing any dmg. Doesn’t have any other traits that is valueable. Grade: 2/5 needs to cheat evolution

With radiant pokemons I would like an eevee that says if you have it in your deck u can play as many eevee cards as you like in your deck

Shaymin - inconsistent! You won’t go second more than 60% of the time. Even post rotation without handdisruption u are not even gonna get that much value when u use the attack. Grade: 1/5 was never meant to be competitive and only filler

Petilil - 50 hp is fragile attack needs 1 energy investment when pings exist in so many decks Grade: 1,25/5 fragile

hisuian Lilligant - shouldn’t it have free retreat according to the games? Meh. Noivern had free retreat and this atack for (c) back in unm. Tapu koko was good as u could have it as a 1 of, had time to use it more than once before being koed and could do it t1 going 2nd second. second attack is; NO! Grade: 1/5 bleh this was filler, right?

Cyndaquil - good pre evo. Same as the new mincino. First attack is good. Thankfully no (r) required if u are playing the hisuian verision of typhlosion and if the math changes with a zig ping then u can do it with cynda if it already is active. 60 hp is low. Grade: 4/5 as a pre evo ads consistency

Quilava - level ball hp, attacks are worth nada. U can by pass normally stage 1 pre evos but stuff like grottle and drizzile makes u wana keep them. This is not one of them
Grade: 1,5/5 pre evo that ads no value

Poliwag - 60 hp is bellow average today. 1 RC. Attack can be used to stall/buy a turn. Physicly possible to attack t8 in difference with others. Gives chip dmg. Grade: 4/5 fragile pre evo that can actually stal with chip dmg

Poliwhirl - like quilava but 2 in RC. Can hit numbers if getting double heads. Altough unreliable with 25 % odds. Grade: 1,5/5 pre evo u wana pass by rare candy

Politoed - gale thrust even ohko u. 2nd attack sucks. First attack can actually hit in late game for 190/280 but u can’t stream 4 attackers before opponent takes 6 prizes so u still lose the prize trade. water weakness is irrelevant rn and u don´t have enough space for belt to increase the damage enough. 2/5 as a "cute" card but not competitve. can´t wait to see LDF make a video on this.

Mantine - fun card. have no identity outside of puting targets on oppnents bench and we already have echoing horn. first attack is welldesigned but would need secondary trait such as starting ability/atack, clutch, look at opponents hand ability or utility. not designed in competitve intent. gorgeus art btw. grade: 1,69/5 interesting but it ain´t designed with competitive intent

oshawott - 70 hp is surviving some stuff. 1 rc nothing else to say grade: 2,5/5 pre evolution

dewott - 40 dmg can set up numbers? level ball is viable. I want to always rare candy through it. 1 rc. grade: 1,5/ 5 pre evo that ads no value like quilava

ducklett - literarly oshawat but 10 less hp and atack is specificly for (w) grade: 2/5 it´s a pre evo that aint offensive

Swana - filler. very little value, needs frosmoth to get 4+ atacks of with it. high maintence 120 hp even dies to rapid flow. no unique weakness grade: 2/5 graded as a filler card. and as that it actually has text.

electrike - paralyzis attacks on pre evos should be for max one energy, but I guess it´s there. 60 hp is low. 1 rc. grade: 2/5 pre evolution that ain´t offensive

Manectric - this aint fantom forcess. they can play around having tools on them. way to high maintence. 1 rc. 120 and weakness to fighting is pitiful. grade: 2/5 filler not a good investment

Luxray V - this gives me 2004/05/08 vibes. love it in it´s design filosofy and artwork. can´t wait to hold it in my hand. first attack would be good with damage mod against 1prize pre evos but pre rotation we have vik and post rotation we don´t really have any daamge mod against 1prizes. but it aint bad to just have it on the card if we have some other reason to play the card. last sentence can applie for second attack as well but it doesn´t work like 2 bonus attacks constitutes having enough to play it. that´s the problem here. I would love to have a vstar to give us the reason to have it in our decks or something like fantom forces bats to give damage mods to make the atacks viable and more like win conditions. 210 means arceus-dte + belt ko u naturarly which sucks. grade: 2,5/ 5 something in between being cute win condition and utility tech card. it gives no real gain in value. grade if it had a vstar to evolve into and would be graded as a pre evo: 6/5 no other pre evolution ever would have offered such a great bonus value and utility.

Regileki - 130 means rapid flow doesn’t snipe u for ko without damage mod. 3 rc? Why? It should be free retreat when thinking of 130 base speed stat. target bolt is half of rapid flow but u are spending as much maintence if not even more than urshi, but it could be a one of in flaafy decks for tht atack, but wait why should I use this when I can do 120 w. 2x 40 snipe. ever played sableye then u know how this works. u are not really getting the value out of an energy if you will got koed but sometimes u wont get koed and u get a free item. may also be an out against controll like how cec drillbur worked in cec excadrill decks. grade: 2,75/5 alright tech in flaafy but not gamebreaking

hisuian typhlosin - honestly if you made this into an ex then I couldn´t tell it apart from other ex mons of 2004/05/06/07 it wouldn´t even be high tier. and this is somehow one of the most powerful one prizers in the set. alright ability, I could compare it to galade's preminision in gardi gx decks as it can really make ur win rate increase but nothing to build a deck around or play as a support pokemon. we already are playing a minimum of 2 switch effects in our deck due to wanting to burn our hand for genesects ability, switching betwen different atackers in arceus, or activating gale thrust or we are playing a 1 prize deck with scoop up net. and if the confusion sticks that means u didn´t take a ko or are relying on bench dmg which means u r fragile to manaphy. grade: 1/5 this isn´t a filler but somehow it still really sucks. make it a basic and it would just be a cute tech in shadow rider. no true identity.
-edit 2 energies for 90 with that ability would be inzane. it would be top tier but struggle against gorebys and magma

mawile - designed as a filler. same as with typhlosion, everyone play switch cards and it´s not like u are setting up a low maintence ohko, gale thrust only becomes 240. and what are u attacking with? and does that need mawile? to be fair u can use this as woobatfrom cec to stall when they r out of switches but that is less and less reliable as irl becomes a thing without open decklists grade: 3/5 cute tech that controll could use. something like dede post pikarom didnt work for woobat but it works for this. nothing outside od that.

Jirachi v - I like the ability. the way a lot of vmax decks have been about snowballing and trying to go first t2 gust ko has been disgusting. jirachi kinda solves/help that problem. if eternatus could use this or draga would not rotate then this would see more play. but we are kinda not doing that as much anymore arceus and urshi use special energies and the rest goes in with energy accel. atack is better than we could expect, 50/50 to buy a turn but not that great. grade: 3-4/5 not sure if this will see playbut that is depending on the meta game and not if this card is good or not. shadow rider?

drifloon - restistence to (f) is the best one at that hp range (strafe) 60 hp is low. nothing exiting over that. 1 rc. grade: 3,5/5 as a fragile pre evolution that resict the primary snipe mon.

drifblim - designed as a filler. and in a format of filler pokémons its kinda decent but nothing competitive. (f) is good to survive rapid flow while resictence is active. grade: 3/5 as a filler mon

Cresselia - (f) resictence is good just like at malamar and drifblim above. first atack, cute? grade: no grade

hisuian growlithe - broken. u dont need to invest any energy to use first atack to be immune next turn. 80 hp is relativly high for evolving basics that didn´t get their evolution in another generation. grade: 5/5 it´s survival is great, it´s a pre evolution so it is graded as one of them.

Hisuian arcanine - 150 looks high for a stage one but everything still ohko u, literarly the only meta cards that u tend to attack with that can´t ohko u is arceus v (basic), hoopa, both intels (but they can ping) and moltress (dah it doesn´t ohko anything untill late game). typing is great but there exist lower maintence attacks that can do the same thing (gale thrust) and man u can´t go in with one price strats with this card, axe is only four copies, if u have played with the patches/saucer then u know what I mean grade: 1,5/5 this seems to balanced as a rouge card. and I think I might be to generous with that grade.

poliwrath - first attack is decent bonus for when u need more turns (so use that like every turn?) second attack synergies well with being ohkoed right away but then you need to reset your energy atatchements right away. grade: meme 1,5/5 1of in politoed against arceus?

Machamp vmax - 330 hp would be big without that weakness... 220 for 2 energies and having dmg counters on ur bench? that is insanly easy. axe means that u can use cheryl and get 2 energies right away onto him again. sad to see primate wisdom rotate. 240 for 3 is boring as it´s having no contrast with first attack but with belt and 1 more dmg mod and u ko arceus with dunsparce and darkrai. grade: 4-5/5 insanly powerful and will most likely be some form of tier 1 deck if u can find a way to have at least 40-60 against mew ( galaraian moltress)

suddowudo - filler. not level ballable 90 dmg in exchange for 30 self dmg / a fourth of maximum hp is allright trade of but very low value at the same time, ability is cute but nothing outside of that. grade: 3/5 out of the perspective of being stupid filler it is allright, but not competitive

Craniados - level ball searchable 2 in rc nothing really relevant on attacks, can do 80 for 2 and take out a pre evolution/mythical support mon like celebi? but then u are in a bad situation so and it is an inconsistent attack. I´d just rare candy through this Grade: 2/5 allright stage 1 pre evo, may do 80 dmg when u brick. but you would rather rare candy through it.

rampardos - the damage output of stage 2 mons are not what is the problem. we need higher hp/sustainability as we invest more into them in difference with something as arceus vstar, despite that rampardos will get ohkoed right away by a low maintenance zacian v, 240 dmg is all right but it is inconsistent win con as the opponent can easily deny you it. also u will need damage mods when u already have evolved into a stage 2 with 2 energies. grade: 2/5 meme,

mienfoo - 10 less hp than oshawat and the only other relevant change is fighting. grade: 2/5 boring pre evo

mienshaoo - 2 questions. why does this have (c) in rc instead of 0? mienchao always have 0 retreat or hit and run. also, why does mienshao have such a bad card? the attack is inconsistent and caps at 140 dmg. level ballable at a final evo is fine. grade: 1/5 just filler, nothing special

spinarak - poison can technicly add up if the active mon remain active. but most likely not. 50 hp is so low that shadow rider can go in for snipe ko there. 1 rc. fighting weakness is the worst at that hp range with passimian, strafe and kleavor v. grade: 1/5 offensivly bad pre evo

ariados - okay, why would we use this when leafeon vmax is considered low dmg output. I don´t know what they thought when designing the card. cute or filler? if u wana ko mew then u have mightyena. level ball searchable means ur fragile af. grade: 1,25/5 filler and outclassed

Hisuian samurot - its the new swampert. but actually get to hit thebuzzwhole of the format for weakness (mew). the ability is s tier and attack is buffed from last time to be able to spread the energies around (darkrai). but now u will be easily ohkoed, even the righotus beating of the format (galethrust) has it easy against u. grade: 2,9/5 should see some play for the ability in something. but right now using a stage as draw power is to slow.

nickit - literarly dark verision of oshawat -10 hp. oshawat wasn´t even hit for weakness by shaymin v w 6 price cards grade: 2/5 nothing offensive of the pre evo

magnemite - exactly like nickit but you recist grass and have decent utility/deck thining attack. grade: 3/5 it´s a pre evolution that does something

magneton - 90 hp is level ballable and ur attack is semi usefull with 50 and gust of wind for 2 energies. 1 rc is very low for being magneton. not enough to not wana rare candy through magneton but it can at least attack. grade: 3/5 allright mon that u wana avoid having to do anything with it outside of evolving. but it has decent clutch attack

magnezone - anyone who has played in alternative formats/theme deck formats know that this is a bonkers ability. have energy in hand? atach for turn. and dig for energies with the ability. if u get candy t2 and play 13 energies that ability should gain u 2 energies on average and after that the gain varies on a couple of variables. stage 2 sucks. post rotation I would recommend peony/bidoof. 150 is bad as even gale thrust can ohko u. (we need to adjust the hp if 200-290 is 2 prize hp but the pokemon company wants to print instead xy area style of hp. grrrrrr, kill me. grade: 2 or 4 out of 5. the only bad thing about this card is being a stage 2, and that will most likely be able to kill this card alone. and this card aint even as bulky as crobat.

registeel - call for family is decent bonus but doesn´t save the card. that is also un synergistic with 3 rc. 130 hp is okay? the main attack is allright if not to expensive. 220 flat woulldn´t be more than”okay” but -50 for each (c) in retreat cost sucks. adding for each is way better due to cards like galar mine. grade: 1,5/5 were they actually serious about this card? it is so un synergistic.

origin dialga v - first attack is great. remember all times u have used laser focus and that gave u great tempo? that is what this is. not the reason to play the card but we gain great value when having it on our attackers. 180 for 4 is way to expensive. 220 hp is great for arceus players being 10 dmg short (200-dte+belt=210) grade: 3/5 decent evolving mon but giving up 2 prizes makes it uncomfortable using first attack. However decent attack while in active spot.

origin Dialga vstar - fudging broken. If you have not played a deck with dialga gx, then you might not understand the raw strength of this card. not being able to ohko? vstar power into ko next turn. behind on 1-2 prizes? gust on bat/inteleon and then ko the thing in the active spot (remember ur opponent chooses the next active mon so if you don´t have second gust u need a better gameplan. 280 is solid. same hp as arceus but not weak to urshifu and zapdos. entei is easily teched into decks if they wana hard counter u. should tank one attack that doesn´t hit for weakness. coating energy can remove weakness. the “main attack is just average. u do 120 turn 2 and 160 turn 3 with manual atachments and no belt on. but aviously you need some energy accel. the obvious partner is the previously mentioned magnezone. but that depends on how consistent u can make a stage 2. raihan? it also give u an extra energy. actually adman should be the better strat here. can search rare candy and something else. pair this with bibarell and have a powerful deck that can have great machup spread. but seems a bit inconsistent. the other idea is to play arceus vstar as a burst energy accel in early game and then use bronzong + saucer through the rest of the game. this should also be able to play into the tankyness with cheryl. you can always attack with low energy count and hit for alright 2hko dmg with first attack, but a gameplan around that means that u wont be able to use the star power. grade: 5/5 ? so far the most powerful starpower, if not a bit expensive. should in some way be a win con in a top deck. the question is if it will be consistent enough for tier 1 or stay tier 2 like single strike urshi.

pawniard - standard 60 hp with 1 retreat cost, the little mon can at least hit for 30 damage I guess. by looking at bisharp u would asume that it would be alright to self damage yourself, but in the end you will just help the opponent to KO your pawniard. astral barrage and yoga loop is why it ends up being a liability. grade: 2/5 not really offensive but nothing to brag about as a pre evo

bisharp - this is kinda cool. probably not meta but it should be a viable rouge/tier 3 deck.
You hit for only one basic energy which makes it more consistent than the old gyarados (but the power creep have almost doubled the amount of damage needed to deal ohko's, and despite that gyarados was somehow bulkier than this). One thing Bisharp has that gyarados didn´t is actually zoroark so u could hypotheticly have 4 pawniards on bench when atacking (30*2*4=240 240+30 (belt)=270) but you still wouldnt take a ko on arceus without something extra.
now how do we get the stadium out consistently? Last time around we had trainers' mail. and either you have to clog out your bench and deckspace with inteleons (I would rather prefer 2-2 Bibarel for the low deckspace investment). if not, you would have to go with cramomatic and/or peony. which makes the deck seem to be a bit weak to me. if we could fix that issue then you would have a consistent deck 1 prize deck that at a genreal level hits for around 150-210 that can reach up to 270+ grade - 3/5 as a rouge card it actually aint bad. but that is what i´m grading it as, a rouge card and nothing more. like tapu bulu from bts, you may day 2 with it but not that likely.

eevee - what the heck? we don´t need to have that low hp in exchange for an alright ability. the ability is useless when playing an eeveelution thing as a tech. to get consistent value u need to play 3-4 eevees and have an eeveelution as a win con, if not then you should play 70 hp that searches 3 pokemon v. 50 hp is pitiful. your umbreon might hit shadow rider for weakness, but if they astral barrage all of your eevees then u will lose. yoga loop, intel/zig and oricorio also exist. the ability is somewhat cool and refreshing to not have the same energy evolution ability for the twenty eleventh time. fighting weakness sucks. grade: 3/5 usage rate will be determined by a metagame but it aqumilate dectent value as a pre evo.

chatot - artworkwise I like the backround. outside of that this is a boring filler card like all other chatot cards we have seen. MD not counted. fighting resistence is good at that hp range. level ballable and attacks for (c) means that it could be techable. but there exist better cards that fullfil those criterias that has better attacks of those niches. grade: 1,5/5 its a filler card that at least has text on it.

regigigas - broken ability. but it isn´t reliable as u need to fill ur entire bench of specific pokemons and only one is adding consistency. and that one needs to be active wich isn´t that great. could be interesting in expanded. u have sky field and can load up anything with 3 energies right like that. those cards that have used the ninja boy combo could try this. attack is meh. vmaxes are already going out of the meta where mew and rapid ursh being the only ones left. you can use mightyena if you want to counter mew and this deck should struggle against rapid flow especially with regigigas being weak to fighting. if not then u could use the 150 hp. grade: 3/5 as a memecard that is powerful but inconsistent. expanded grade: 3/5 as a cute new high investment energy accel that is all basic based.

rufflet - 70 hp and fighting resistence? can´t ask more than that for a pre evo. attack is unreliable. grade: ⅗ relativly bulky for being an evolving basic

hisuian braviary - first attack could be cute on a basic mon. u don´t even hit for weakness. resictence allows u to survive gale thrust. (cough) zz-zig (cough). slashing strike is as boring as they come. shouldnt the fly based ride pokemon have free retreat or what? grade: 1/5 as a boring filler that doesn´t hit for weakness.
my proposal for the next hisuian braviary is a psychic mon with free retreat and when in active u can use the ability that acts as a poké comm for supporters and then u put 2 dmg counters on this pokémon.

skwovet - imagine a rufflet - 10 hp and weak instead of resictant to fighting. that is what we have here. yes ur attack is no longer on a coinflip, but the trade of doesn´t seem reasonable. grade: 1/5 boring and weak pre evo

greedent - no! I´m not even gonna talk about this one

wyrdeer v - universal hetaran gx. great in gardenia and darkrai decks. the important numbers here is 5 energies with belt for 230 or 6 energies for 240 7 energies for 280 7 energies with belt for 310. very reminiscent of dubwool v as a collorless tech that u can use to personalise the deck with for your late game. 220 hp is good against arceus-dte+belt for 210. fighting weakness is though not good. grade: 4-5/5 should be teched into a lot of decks.

beedril v - how does it come that this only scales by 50 when meloetta scales by 70? cards like this shouldn´t be counterable by boring bench barriers like manaphy. no free retreat either. 210 is bad against arceus-dte+belt. hits darkrai for weakness grade: 1/5 lack of true identity. no reliable win condition and it can´t just be teched in due to commitment of benchspace, deck space and attack cost

hiusian voltorb - like it. kinda. extremly fragile but the energy accel is really great but also situational. people are sorta okay with putting in a cresselia for the 50% of games shadow caly goes second. now imagine you are not wasting a deck slot and don´t have to invest your energy to attack. that is how bonkers this attack is. grade: 4/5 really great pre evolution, maybe even at the level of greatness of alolan vulpix and u will put it in without any evolution just for the attack. very fragile altough.

Hisuian electrode - it is very rare to see an evolution outclassed by their pre evo. this is one of those times. while the atacks are free they really give no real value, draw 3 is decent but set up attacks are akward on evolution mons. 90 hp is very low. grade: ⅕ cute card

rowlet - has nothing outside of being another 60 hp pre evo. attack i (c) instead grass so hisuian deci can use this with fighting energies. one retreat cost. grade: 2/5 not offensivly bad pre evo, but fragile and uninspiring.

dartrix - one retret cost , 90 hp and 30 for (c). the maximum stats for being an evolving stage 1 that is broing grade: 2,5/5 I just want to rare candy through this.

blipblug - 50 hp, no attack for 1 energy? ya this is offensively worthless pre evo. grade: 1/5 it,s a pre evo that can easily be sniped

dottler - 80 hp, 2 retreat cost and can reduce 30 dmg for 2 energies while doing 30? ya its just a downgraded dartrix. grade: 2/5 why can´t we put relevant text on our pre evos? like nidorina from team up could recover 5 psychic mons for energy. why can´t we have at least that level?

orbetle - Cute, we would need a vstar/vmax attacker that can take use of the energies for this to be viable in any shape or form. If we had a malamar esc card in the format this could annoy those decks. the attack actually is the same as orbeetle vmax. but that is not what made the vmax playable. and why is this 110 hp on a stage 2? and don´t give me some bullshit about orbetle being a fragile bug, beedril is more fragile acording to the video game’s base stats and that boi had 110 hp IN 2009. OVER 10 YEARS AGO. like wut? Grade: 2,5/5 as a cute card that needs several key pieces in order to be competitivly viable.

ponyta - standardly weak 60 hp pre evo. one retreat cost ain´t offensive Grade:2/5 why? it has amazing artwork at least.

rapidash - filler. I don´t wana grade this one

torkoal - just a weak filler card. you are over paying for 130 dmg and the have to discard an energy as a “punishment” cuz the designers thought it could be to powerful otherwise. u hit for weakness on liligant at least Grade: 4/5 it is graded as a filler card that u could tech in against liligant in gardenia decks. but just play entei if you wana do that.

Heatran v - 220 is good for the math against arceus and the standard 210. with basin it´s not unbelivable to use the first attack t1 going second to set up a KO for the next turn second attack is pretty weak wich I´m glad to see for having the game with in balanced numbers. grade: 3,5/5 sizeable pre evo.

heatran vmax - okay, this card doesn´t have a rational win con without tanking strats. u can pair the ability with hyper potion and play something like the gengar/arceus winning list. shouldn´t u just use centiscorch vmax in that scenario? 180 is just so weak. u can still build a tier 3 list as u can with any vmax cuz their stats are so inzane grade: 3/5 vmax stats is the only great thing about the card but that is all u need to make an acceptable deck

psyduck - it´s literarly the water verision of ponyta grade: 2/5 could have been more offensive

golduck - cute attack, but it is needing quite some maintence and isn´t really a win condition. grade: 1,5/5 cute card, but still bad, could xander make this work?

luvdisc - it´s a collect style attack with it´s own niche of u getting to see opponents cards. but ur opponent gets 2 card before u get to be dirupting their hand. but they can play marnie on u. 70 hp is pitiful. grade: 1,5/5 combination of being filler and a cute card

regice - call for family is just a bonus. a decent one. 130 hp is allright. 3 retreat cost is hefty. main attack is a cute “bonus” style of attack like whimsicott v. but unreliable as switch is a card graDE: 1,5/5 bland card that is not filler

shellos - basicly oshawat grade: 2,5/5 alright pre evo

glaceon - immune to evolutions means their pre evos always can attack u. malamar would probably auto lose to this due to their best response to this is like inkay for 20. 120 dmg and 110 hp is bellow average. grade: ⅖ cute card that auto wins malamar

origin palkia v - why can´t u put path into play through the attack. that would make it way more interesting. however it is still a decent bonus attack on a pre evo. lightning weakness and 220 hp is good. 200 for 3 energies is just standard but can ohko basic v pokémons. similar to suicune. grade: 3,5 decently bulky evolving mon that adds tiny bit of consistency

origin palkia vstar - upgraded suicune v. the ability is low key broken. u don´t really need to play melony. just play 12 energies and a raihan and u should be able to have enough to attack the game out. u can also play this as a 2-2 support mon to power up the more expensive water pokémons such as greninja v union, glaceon vmax, gyarados vmax adn crabominable v. u can also rvert that as 1 of those can be teched into ur palkia deck. pre rotation with inteleon this should hands down outclass suicune as u can ohko vstars with belt and 1-2 pings but without inteleon u are more or less just going in on the basic v mons. and I don´t know if the evolving part is worth it vs the basic suicune that can go more into the “2 prizers and comnpany” like hoopa v, zapdos v and moltress v. but the hp buff is also nice. with belt and your opponent is a good player u should hit around 240-260. don´t know exactly what will happen post rotation but it should replace suicune pre rotation. the ability can also allow u to play cheryl wich is kinda overpowered. should also be great in expanded. grade: 4,5/5 great and bulky attacker that has a low key inzane vstarpower that can allow u to get your greninja v-union powered up in one turn. just a well rounded win condition

bergmite - basicly oshawat and u are not weak to the 20 dmg from jolteon grade: 2,5/5 alright pre evo

avalugg - 140 or 80 hp is the same in how the game is designed. 220 is kinda decent. but u need so much maintenance for one attack that doesn´t even ohko arceus vstar. frosmoth this and another stage 1 (bibarel) for consistency is quite clunky. grade: 1,5 as a way to high maintenance attacker that could trade fine if u attack every turn, but for every time u do that u will get donked twice. (=unlikely)

Togekiss - hits fighting weakness is alright. The ability is cool as vmax decks will become outclassed by vstars if they don’t use healing. But they can use cheryl as well so there really isn’t much to heal. I mean if we would have a steelix prime/primal groudon esc card then togekiss could be playable but then the tank would be the thing that was good. Here is my problem with modern pokemon design (in stats and not artstyle). Support pokemons rarely have atacks that had depth, text and contrast with your atackers. This makes games have fewer layers and less options. Like do you remember when uxie and crobat g would be ”counters” to fainting spell gengar? Or when pidgeots had clutch wars or the eeveelution ex family would have their own atacks that could shred, heal, stop retreat/powers, disrupt, finnish of a 2hko for just (L) (C) etc. The best we have today is like shady dealing intel wich is alright but not that much depth in it at the same time grade: 2/5 cute and mediocer support mon

Togepi - 50 hp is bad and ability is cute grade: 3/5 its a pre evo with the possibility to affect the game and show up alone as a 1 of tech if it helps the math

Togetic - same as togepi 3/5

Sad to see scoop up net rotating if we don’t see a reprint

uxie - darkness ablaze starly did twice as much as this for zero energies. why would anyone wanna play this, then? starly was just alright in control leel ballable means u are having less hp than hisuian growlith, that boi is a pre evo. grade: 2/5 filler that could be a starter

mesprit - two issues with this one. firstly, everyone is saying we can´t turn off weaknesses except coat energy. that is untrue. we have rebel clash chandelure and no one have even tried it in urshifu despite only taking up 1 bench space and 2 deckslots. why would I then spend 3 bench slots and minimum of 3 deckslots to get this to work? at that moment u could just play an alternate attacker that can beat your weakness. second problem is that we don´t have playable uxie/azelf unlike mysterious treasure azelf so the uxie and azelf would just be dead cards in your deck. grade: 2/5 cute and usless, medicham would have a field day

azelf - even worse that uxie and mesprit 1/5 boring filler

inkay - why couldn´t we have had a rapid strike label on this? then we would have a 60 hp inkay in mally. but no, that would apparently be to broken acording to arceus. thinking outside of that particular deck we would have a 60 hp pre evolution with fighting resistance wich is alright, only one in retreat cost. grade: ⅖ fragile and average

malamar - I´m dead inside. 120 for one without any requirement should be standard by this moment on stage ones. I kinda like the requirement. it allows for thought processes and mind games, it just isn´t reliable. put this as the kind of attack I have described as “bonus attack” because it adds depth. grade: 1/5 weak filler with a new and fun style of attack that I would like to see again.

makuhita - 80 hp is higher than average on a pre evo. the attack is good as it has possibility to paralysis and bonus dmg, but you rarely put an energy on your active pre evo -> not getting koed -> not having what you need to attack with your evolution so u atach to this instead and attack with this. that is why you want these clutch style attacks for 1 energy. 3 retreat is not mobile. grade: 2,5 not ideal retreat and attack cost but the attack and hp is decent, the weakness isn´t relevant at this hp range. I´m qurious if this could pop out in harriyama decks.

hariyama - make this 200 hp and I would have 1 possitive thing to say about this. u literally have to flip at least 3 out of four heads with the first attack (without damage modifyers) to trade neutrally against arceus vstar, and that is when u hit for weakness. this is the hallmark of filler grade: 1/5 filler

regirock - while u hit arceus for weakness and therefore would attack with this the most in a regi deck, it is the worst of all regies in the set. 130 and can´t attack next turn is soooooooo bland. no real flavor text. grade: 3/5 alright filler

gastrodon - this is the power level a filler pokémon should be at. first attack would be inzane if a card like mewmew could copy this attack. but this gastrodon has 130 hp and will get ohkoed. second attack 2shots everything with alright downside. but you have no real tools to attack with a gastrodon each turn. grade: 3/5 alright filler

why can´t we have east and west sea gastrodons? secret wonders and rising rivals actually were cool card designs (when tinking of the flavor text)

carbink - they are now on a hot streak with unplayable cards being allright. 90 hp is the highest level ball number. 1 retreat cost is suprisingly low for carbink. search for 2 items? I would prefer to search for the pokémons/supporters I´m gonna search out these cards. but this searches out the infamously unsearchable rare candy. ad an energy and belt and weakness and u are hitting 220 on arceus and OHKOING AN ARCEUS V WITH YOUR STARTER POKEMON. grade: 2/5 cute starter pokémon that sadly doesn´t work in this format that is way to fast for starters. fun at least

hisuian decidueye - first attack is cool. hit 20 three times with forest camo deci and that is 60, 60*3 = 180, 180 for no energy. remember there exist belt, the previous damage and weakness on arceus. u r a stage 2 wich sucks. the 80 snipe is alright bonus but nothing more. maybe deci could make a comeback with this and the temple of sinnoh. the temple and yveltal can take away fusion strike’s fusion energies wich would take away max miracle and meloetta as options. arceus as a 2-2 could be a consistency boost for the rare candies if you don´t wana use intels. grade: an optimistic 3/5 as this can be a one off in deci. the first attack is really good. maybe this could be a worthy peonia w. dream ball target in arceus intel. stage 2s are so gatekept that I would give this 1,5 andcall it “cute” if we didn´t have forest camo deci.

Kleavor v - a good player really can take use of that 40, especially in a pingy deck, altough it´s not at all a reason to play any card, just a good trait for moments when u already have it in active spot. hp is worse than machamp v, it get's koed by arceus - dte + belt. grass weakness is blah. no matter if (G) becomes a deck now, people will randomly tech in shaymin for darkrai. second atack actually creates great contrast with its vtsar as u are hitting 150 base instead of 120, that is gonna come in handy to get something ohkoed especially as you are a pingy deck. the discard thing is something a good player always keep in mind to disrupt opponent. grade: 5/5 it is graded as a pre evolution, and very few of pre evos can aqumilate that amount of value.

Kleavor vstar - 270 is about it for a vstar. attacks that is reaching will ohko u but the 220/30 doesn´t naturarly get there without zig and belt. grass weakness is awkward. how low maintence the main attack is absolutley amazing, having axe with guru and phone means that u even can play cheryl. the 120 is to low without belt so u better play 3-4 belts. 60 snipe is very reminiscent of draga. but it is less versitile in that u are only going on 1 v pokémon. wich I deem balanced as it doesn´t say fudge YOU to decks like luxray and other one prizers. u are not going down on manaphy or dunsparce. I would kinda describe this as a jolteon that traded the ability to attack one prizers for one less prize card, fighting weakness and better energy accel. the v power reminds me of the kingdra from legends awakend. you have two options, either u go in with your playstyle and all in on that with consistency and give up the ohko option, or u go heavy with your pokémons that allows u to go for a ohko once in the game even if it contradicts your gameplan. I think pre rotation at least the optimal answer is the latter one as intel engine exist. remember that stone energy also is a thing that can let u get to the bulk level of vmaxes, but it doesnt work with axe. resistance against mew sucks. grade: 4/5 the new draga MAX, it will most likely not be tier one but not lower than tier 2. consistent and a lot of close matchups. spread/pingy playstyle that works great for greater players. will play this with the new temple stadium.

hisuian sneasel - I were about to say it is another oshawat, but fighting weaknes at this hp range really sucks. grade: 2/5 fragile pre evo

hisuian sneasler - the standard dodrio ability. hits weakness on mew. meh. with ballon probably rotating I can see myself consider this in surtain decks, and then realise I need to waste balls on this post rotation. I believe this ability has never seen play and I don´t believe this is not gonna be the first one. if u want a stage 1 attacker to counter mew vmax then u can use mightyena. grade: 1/5 cute card that gives very little value

hisuian sneasler V - this is a more low maintenance salazzle as dark patch and raihan is better than being 2 stage 1Pokémons with special energies to pay for the attacks. on one hand u hit mew for weakness, on the other hand their fusion energies prevent weepinbel/butterfree. u should probably play 4 temple of sinnoh and go all out on consistency, a one prizer for meloetta wouldn´t be bad, then u get about 45% winrate against mew I guess. free retreat is nice, but 190 hp is awful grade: 3/5 alright win con attacker. the problem is within the consistency and that u are not trading up in the prize race. the fusion strike energy is also irritating. if we reprinted hypno laser then this would be broken.

Darkrai - if you want a one prize dark mon then u have morpeko, mightyena and galarian moltress. u don´t even survive rapid flow. grade: 1,5/5 name one good thing about this card? and even then, is that exclusive to darkrai or can one of those 3 pokémons do the same but better?

shieldon - what? when did it become a downside gaining 10hp? well it happened. Pokémon company gave a pre evolution 100+ hp and they should give up on this thing with almost never doing that, with 2 prize pre evos having around 210 we need to buff the hp on one prize evos. remember draga vmax? ya the problem of this shined back when drag saw play. it was impossible to have a spread attack that had relevant spread against tag teams without having it auto winning every 1 prize matchup. that is my two cents on that issue.
outside of that 100 hp is more of a liability than anything else. you can´t use quick ball or level ball on this. if it was 110 hp then we could force lilligant puting an energy back to hand or not ohkoing u thanks to grass resistance. 3 in retreat is harsh and no usefull attack/ability is boring. at least u have an agility style attack. grade: 1,5/5 kinda offensivly bad. pls give me rare candy so I don´t need to have it in play.hard headbut can be clutch.

bastiodon - outside of legendaries, ultra beasts and shuckle, shouldn´t this represent “defense is the best offense”???? u literally get ohkoed by anything. the ability seems cute untill u realise we already have an aegislash that have this ability but it can prevent from non v pokémons and it sucks. this only works from v pokémons and u are a fossil mon. saucer also are rotating if you tought that could change my mind. and the attack sucks. I still stand behind my togekiss rant. grade: 1/5 actually sucks

bronzor - 1 retreat, 60 hp. It literally is a metal ponyta with a fifty fifty parlysis attack. would be 2,5 if the attack wasnt for 2 energies wich makes it awkward to get valu from the attack. grade: 2,01/5 fragile stupid pre evo

bronzong - unless we get a spirital repring of reshizard this isn´t really worth it. I guess victini isn´t playing alterante attackers of other types. but we are also getting the item verison of hex if they would respect bronzong. togekiss rant counts again grade: 1,5/5 graded as a cute card. extremly niche , but the autowins it theoretically can get is as great that u should keep it in mind of existing in the cardpool, just in case. simmilar to how vileplume from burning shadows worked.

magerna - there exist better one prize metal attackers. saucer is rotating. grade: 1/5 just filler, can search with level ball, but not bastiodon.

regidrago - I can see this be a thing, it is instruct+1. but having to be active and having 3 in retreat seems awkward. right now it feels like teu jirachi before realising escape board existing. it´s niches over kricketune is that u can use it under path and only giving up 1 prize. you also are not loading up the oponent´s galarian zapdos v. but no viable attack and the awkwardness of 3 retreat is really rough grade: 2,69/5 just for the potential if we could get the escape board for regidrago.
lickitung - yes! 110 hp is what our average evolving mon should have. like oshawat and ponyta, then buff level ball up to 150 hp. but lickytung gets at least a bit more hp, but that doesn´t last long with fighting weakness. give us back psychic (ghost) resistance. attack is terrible. 4 retreat also sucks but we might get a card exclusive for 4 retrat mons, like poké maniac and buff padding. grade: 1,5/5 pre evo

lickilicky - there exist nothing to talk about except asking for pychic resistance back. just a filler card without any flavour text. grade: 1,5 graded as filler with allright hp for a stage 1.

tediursa - 70 hp is allright, but fighting weakness is bad. 2 in retrat cost is decreasing your mobility in gameplay, but as a collorless mon it is high probability ur evolving mon wants a dte/twin energy. the attack is alright value if you are stuck in active spot. if not a bit inconsistent. grade: 2,5/5 all right pre evo. attack if comparativly amazing compared to other pre evos, but fighting weakness is a minus on your bulk.

ursaring - Ursaring is an evolving mon now, LOL. great stats for an evolving mon. 130 hp is good and u have bypassed the hp range for being irritated by fighting weakness. 3 retreat is annoying. if you happen to have to ohko something u can ask the god of victini for some dice roll luck and use the first attack. even if unlikely you could ohko an eternatus. wilder thing have happened in this game. I have heard that once a skull fossil got 11 heads in a row and OHKOED a rising rivals beedrill (gotta have been rough for the beedrill player). (0,0488 % probability of happen). then u can slap onto that a twin energy for a flat 100. grade: 4,5/5 inzane stats of a pre evolution (obviously no pokemon would have those stats if they hadn´t been the highest evolution at one point in Pokémon history.

ursaluna - we need some form of marker for all regional pokémons. like how different fossil mons can interact between generations. so our galarian friends can use the support the hisuian bois get. that would also help with ursaluna getting that support.
however, this gives me vibes simmilar to stoutlant from black and white base. easy recovery for disrupting strats. and then a ohko attack that is expensive. the two problems are hp and stage 2. stage 2s like this one are in a weird middleground where they are inconsistent and take up to much space but actually give a punch on our multiprizers. that problem alone would kinda kill ursaluna, but the hp is also annoying. looking at a 130 base stat ingame someone could guess this could tank a hit. but no even an arceus vsar with dte ohko this. give this 80 more hp and I´ll say yes pls. grade:
1,5/5 I think they actually thought this could be a rouge thing, but no the hp and stage 2 problems kills the viability. (make timespace distortion a broken time space reprint exclusive for regional variants.)

oranguru v - the ability is a cute bonus. but being a 2 prizer means u are not able to put this in a tool fucused deck like whimsicott or pachirizu just for the ability. the attack is litterarly the same as as orbeetle vmax. but orbeetle has bulk, hits darkrai for weakness and a usefull ability, and I don´t even think orbeetle will see play in the next format. I think that summarises oranguru. two cute bonus traits are all the traits oranguru has. before this I would probably say oranguru has the top 5 highest quality of all time on average when looking at all the cards of that pokémon, now it is more of top 20.
grade: 1/5 no actual identity, doesn´t even hit for weakness.

komala - that ability is A tier. the two problems here is that u can´t guarantee staying asleep going into their turn and even when that happen they can go in with effects, benched mons, ability lock and gust up something new. grade: 2/5 cute rouge card. it has a cute ability but not enough to build a decent deck.

Liligant V - I like it. Free atack on an evolving V is great for acumilating any form of value without any investment of energy. Aviously it’s not as good as something as sylveon v but it ads consistency for when going 2nd. Grade: 4/5 it gives a decent consistency boost as a pre evo

Liligant vstar - really feels like how reshizard was for welder. Gardenia is the good card here, liligant is just what fits the best with gardenia when looking at grass mons. But gardenia can be good without grass mons and just go in with non collorless mons like arceus, flygon, dubwool and cramorant. the Attack is an ordinary atack that ohko basic v mons. that doesnt reall ohko vstars without belt and pings. The ability is basicly an inflated arceus vstar ability but can’t take dte. But why not just use leafeon's or shaymin's ability instead, if you are playing a gardenia deck? that should at least be your mindset playing the deck, but it is an out if you are having a weak start or need a key piece in mid/late game. Grade: 4/5, alright win condition but is nothing outside of just tempo.

Kricketune - cute but it doesnt stack through reducing damage like falinks V Grade: 2/5 cute, but nothing for serious players
kricketot - they didn’t print with intent of being anything but a pre evolution grade:0/5

machamp v - that is gorgeous art but the design of how it plays is very poor. identical condition as its evolution creates no contrast. 220 is good as arceus -dte +belt means 10 left to modiy for them if they desire to ko u. 2 energies for 130 when belted doesn´t even ohko with weaknes on arceus. Grade: 2,5/5 relativly bulky pre evo, but nothing more

thievul - I quite like this ability. if there is any card that promotes the multiprize pokémon of its respective format then it is this ability. Denying cheap ko's in the late game on sprites/damaged attackers is pretty fair. and this is a trait that isn't really relevant for one prize mons so there isn't exactly much they are losing in not getting to use this ability. it creates depth, both in gameplan of using gust early game and in prize mapping. the problem really is the same as togekiss in being one dimensional. if they would have given it a viable alternative win con attack such as foul play or mill opponent's deck equal to how many of opponents pokemon have half remaining hp or less. If we did something in that direction it could be cute, but nothing more. the ability can hold up against specific matchups in specific decks but honestly, u can just play cheryl/the new parallel city if you wanna prevent them from taking down the liabilities. pokémon catcher, escape rope and umbreon isn´t prevented by this. they can always use boss on this if they only have 1 remaining prize. grade: 1,5/5 just a cute card
gardenia - everyone is talking about grass being back when grass pokémons are not even the most rewarded cards of gardenia being printed; cram v, dubbwool v, tapu bulu bts, flygon, arceus v etc. are cards that is getting seriously buffed by this.
they shouldnt have brought back welder, and it is even buffed. Not needing energy to play draw supporter is game changing. Grade: 6/5 allows strats that needed one more key piece and is a better melony/welder

Grant - it is leon that fighting decks can´t even use when atacking with their support pokémons, but u will get it back to use again. I kinda like it, u don´t need more than 1 copy as it will come back Grade: 3.75/5 just kinda solid tech if you are playing fighting decks. should be a 2 off in machamp vmax decks to reach 280 damage and ohko any vstar.

switch cart - playing only basic pokémons? replace switch with this. unless u are playing a strat of the style machamp vmax is using grade: 5/5 not gamebreaking but the fact this card is replacing switch in decks that is only playing basics is just something we have never seen before and that is something noteworthy.

trecking shoes - imagine this back when we had adp? ya this is a buffed judge whistle. also comparable to acro bike. but you will never come to the point where you are forced to discard a rare candy or double colorless energy. this should replace rotom phone in mew vmax. I don´t know if we have any other meta deck that will play this. but wormadam should have this as a staple 4 of. grade: 5/5 very comparable to acro bike. You have less dig but never forced to discard important cards like dte and rare candy. shouldn´t have been printed as it doesn´t ad depth to the game and is making the game more aggro/turbo

unidentified fossil - why? I understand they wanted to reprint the old unidentified fossil, but they could have erratad it in that case. just make it 90 hp so it is not as weak. just an objective downgrade. grade: 1/5 blah

feather ball - jolteon (and the rapid strike jumpluff line) will definetly play this as a 4 off. outside of that u could play it in mew, but fog can get energies and u kinda want to have the ability to search out genesect, would corvinight vmax play this as a fifth-sixth ultra ball? the big deal here is that due to balancing, benchsitters and attackers rarely have free retreat, it is mostly techs and pre evos here and there, and u don´t really change your ball count when thinking of your techs. grade: 3/5 just because jolteon will love this as a consistency boost it gets a decent grade, but it is extremly niche

adaman - in difference with crasher wake from forbidden light we actually have a great attacker in origin dialga vstar and duraladon vmax. pre rotation this might not be a 4 off but played to some extent. but with marnie rotating we should see this as a 4 off post rtation. this deffinetly should make magnezone a viable partner to dialga. but bronzong, arceus, saucer might be the better partner pre rotation (if not even post rotation).
grade: 4/5 great consistency boost for decks that play 13+ metal energies

sizu - you might disregard this if you haven´t played in the holon format. Holon scientist was inzane someties(, and at least draw 2)! as long as u play insta play cards and ultra ball u should be allright. go down to 2 or 3 and u draw 3-5 cards. remember we are in a metagame where we give up 2 to 3 prize cards the opponent can´t play before u getting the chanse of using sizu. this should net u around 4-5 cards. getting to keep your hand and drawin 4+ cards should be great for stage 2 decks and their rare candy combo. u will be playing 3-4 researches in your deck so the question is if this is the second supporter u want in your deck. or is judge, zinnia, bruno, cynthia, korrina, avery or adaman? answer is maybe grade: 4/5 don´t really know, it will probably be a new staple draw card that add reasonable depth to the game or a niche 1-2 of that pop up in some decks. so a 4 is my weird middleground.

gapejaw bog - it´s just a reprint of magmas base. will ony be played if it is a part of your main attackers gameplan. in that scenario u will be glad to see bonus damage. grade: 3/5 very niche, but will be a key piece as a 4 off when played.

energy loto - I´m getting vs seeker vibes. last time it saw like no play but this time it should see a lot of play. rapid strike urshi no longer needs octillery. mew should at least consider this as it is auto playable and can dig for dte. grade: 4/5 ? consistency boost for decks that are relying on surtain special energies.

hisuian heavy ball - beast ball was heavily restrictive for only ultra beasts. Heavy ball is more open in options. Take Oranguru as an example. Those decks tended to play a couple of 1 of mons. Such as Persian, Girafarig, absol, articuno gx and ditto (*). But Oranguru had to play 2 of them or risk to prize them. Heavy ball would have been amazing for guru as the options guru wanted to catch wasn´t in Beast Ball's range. Durant will most likely play 2-3 of these to get max value of the atack over Peonia. it will also help durant with those kind of tech cards like yveltal. grade: 3,5/5 not for all decks but decent for decks that have issues with prizing.

super-effective glasses - cute card. opens up counter decks again that are not like how suicune and friends work. more like how zoro counters worked with an engine and the one offs that were one prizers that could uptrade everything. so instead of zapdos having to do a minimum of 140 u know only need to do 90 wich is more doable on a 1 prize basic and u might get flavoured text that is positive for u. I don´t know if that deck rally would be viable grade: 2,5/5 allright but very niche. arceus/intel has it easy to search it out.

irida - korrina for water. just inzane. especially in how inteleon and suicune/palkia plays with a lot of items each turn. grade: 5/5 un debatable

choy - it is one of these draw 3 cards with flavoured text. this flaoured text is super weak and outclassed by avery. grade: 1/5 cute

temple of sinnoh - broken. its crystal beach against any kind of special energy. will change the game. grade: 10/5 best sword and shield card so far. the only cards that even is in competition is marnie, zacian, quick ball and arceus