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The “Special Deck Set ex Venusaur & Charizard & Blastoise” has now been revealed! It will release in Japan on November 10th for 5,550 yen. We first posted about the existence of this product several months ago.


The product will feature three 60 card decks headlined by new alternate art reprints of Venusaur ex, Charizard ex, and Blastoise ex from Pokemon Card 151. The decks will also feature other reprints like Tropius from Paldea Evolved, Armarouge from Scarlet and Violet, and Keldeo from Astral Radiance...

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Could just be me but its strange that they are printing SS eva cards in these decks, other than tat cool artworks. :)


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Imagine not liking one of the most popular Pokemon ever created, so you expect a large company to change what they do to fit your needs. Just don't but it? Not a zard fan btw.
Imagine not liking Pokemon ,:)