“Silver Tempest” Product Images Revealed, Features Lugia VSTAR, Unown VSTAR, and More!

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The first product images for Silver Tempest have now been revealed!
The set releases on November 11th and will be our SWSH12 set. It will be our last main SWSH set, though we’re also getting a special SWSH set in early 2023.
As posted before, our English set will be a combination of cards from September’s Incandescent Arcana featuring Alolan Vulpix VSTAR and October’s Paradigm Trigger featuring Lugia VSTAR, Regidrago VSTAR, and Regieleki VMAX:


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I'm not usually a fan of pokemon sleeves because of their shading and how thicc they are when shuffling, but im loving the blue on turquoise from these and the pokemon go set
Loving the lineup of this set! A mix of pokemon traditionally featured in ultra rares like Lugia, Regis, starters. But then you have unown and Vulpix getting a turn in the spotlight. I see some people complaining about the prominence of Vulpix on this set and while I know a big part of that is that it's alolan Vulpix and this is swshs last main set, I'm still glad it is getting some love. There are pokemon out there like miltank (just one example) who have never gotten an Ultra Rare in the history of the TCG. Also with Lillie's immense popularity I suspect that the Vulpix vstar will be a great pull value-wise
Ngl I'm pretty excited for unown vstar. Probably the weirdest pokemon to give a vstar to but unown cards always have really weird and unique abilities that are so much fun to mess around with
One thought on what they could do here;

- MISSING Unown from Lost Thunder (LOT 92) is the only one of the 3 Unown from that set that didn't get banned for later turning out to have a broken/unbalanced wincon. Now that Lost Abyss is out and it feels like we've seen a bit of power creep on how easy it is to force your opponent's discards to instead be 'banishes' to the Lost Zone, I think it would be neat to have Unown VSTAR have a VSTAR attack that basically says "you win the game if your opponent has # Pokemon in the Lost Zone." (Or # Supporters, or # Energy, or whatever. My guess would be that some amount of Energy would be the most interesting option; pick the average number of energy the typical Giratina VSTAR deck runs and make it that number less 1 or 2. Something designed to not be so much 'broken', but force Lost Zone decks to be careful about how reliant they are on using certain attacks, feeling "safe" about discarding Energy to the LZ once they already have enough attached, etc.)

It's becoming a trope for the Lost Zone to reappear towards the end of any given block of the TCG, but not be acknowledged before then, so Gen 9 is probably not going to have any cards that even acknowledge the LZ mechanic for a while. At the moment, Comfey is a free pseudo-draw engine with no huge risk to adding to your deck, and we don't have anything like MISSING Unown or Lost World from way back in Call of Legends that would make your opponent afraid to keep using Comfey's Ability.

It both creates an interesting wincon for players to aggressively use the Lost Zone, and also something of a tech/deterrent against using something like Comfey or Giratina V/STAR, assuming it's exclusively to your advantage to create a situation where you can play the upcoming Fantina card, etc.

But with Unown it's genuinely a wildcard Pokémon in the TCG so it's anyone's guess.
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How did they make every set names this year so good though? You could literally tell someone that's an MTG or YGO set name and they'd believe you.

Can't wait to see the remaining cards in this set!

I wonder if the Johto focus is hinting at anything though...
I'd love it if the Unown V and VStar only depicted the Unown V form in it lol.

Will most likely feature multiple Unowns on it though in reality.
"this is the first time we’re hearing about Unown VSTAR. We’re not sure if it will come from September’s Incandescent Arcana or October’s Paradigm Trigger. If the former, we should see its reveal this week."

the subsets like incandescent arcana (s11a) usually only have 3 VSTAR/VMAX while main non-paired sets have 4 so im willing to wager that unown is the last one in paradigm trigger as we've already seen the 3 in s11a