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We now have the full English set list for Silver Tempest!
The set has a total of 246 cards, including 195 cards in its main set, 21 secret rares, and 30 Trainer Gallery cards. This is one less card than Lost Origin.
Our set is primarily comprised of cards from September’s Incandescent Arcana and October’s Paradigm Trigger. It also includes cards that were cut from our Lost Origin set in September. Because our set needed to fit those older cards in, not all the newer cards from Incandescent Arcana...

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No more Trainer Gallery stuff? They really DO plan to transition back to ex-era card lists, huh? ._.


When they first mentioned breaking down the cards into the TG subset, I was like, eh, would really rather get my hands on them as soon as possible; however, the year went by quite fast honestly, and I really enjoyed the overall distribution as it made it easier to get stuff! This last main expansion subset is amazing!


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I’m more hyped for Crown Zenith in January. Have enjoyed the trainers gallery though. Great introduction to main sets


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I was always a fan of the TG cards, but this ones are not that great in my opinion. I mean Gordie? Come on. The only cards I want from this TG are the Professor Burnet and Altaria, with some nice waifu vibes 😅