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We’ve received multiple reports that the latest issue of Toxic magazine comes with Scarlet & Violet Fun Packs! This is almost a month before the set officially releases in stores.
Each Fun Pack comes with two common cards and one reverse holo. The reverse holo card can be a common, uncommon, or rare holo. Thanks goes to PokeBeach reader “autumn” for kindly sent us photos of her pulls!


3x Fun Packs




#11 Skiddo


#95 Dedenne


#109 Annihilape (RH)...

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The white set symbol and outlining is only on reverse holos (and certain promos apparently like that Lechonk) and not on Darkness types. The Croagunk in the article shows us that.


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I think the purpose of the inverted color of the set symbol isn't so much ease of reading as it is implying the reverse holos – or what Japan always referred to as parallel holofoils – form a parallel set.


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I thought “eh, not sure these are up my alley” for about twelve seconds, until I looked at the Cyclizer and realized “hey, that kind of looks like a cobbled street.”
It’s funny how much easier it is to start liking an aesthetic choice than it is to stop liking it.


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Honestly I'd rather they just do away with reverse holo all together. A nightmare from a collector's standpoint since they are rarely ever taken care of and don't typically enjoy the same "pack to sleeve" treatment full art cards generally do in spite of the fact these things scratch way too easily not to do so.


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Great RH pattern!
Side note: as someone who didn’t mind the gold/yellow borders, the silver is still taking some time getting used to; they remind me of the World Championship reprint decks, wherein the cards had little to no value (non-tournament legal and little worth to collectors). I’m having a hard time readjusting my mind around that.


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These are easily the best parallel foils since the classic ex era! Almost everything about how the Scarlet and Violet cards look has me excited for the future of the card game.
Even if it's the best since, it's still a c tier in comparison. I was hoping we'd get something closer to those reverse foils from the later ex sets. I knew we wouldnt because those where made when the TCG was at it's lowest to attract people. Still, maybe someday we'll see hype reverse foils