“Pokemon TCG Pocket” Immersive Collecting App Coming in 2024!

I wonder if they deeply regret not having in-app purchases in PTCGO and PTCGL (minus code cards in RL products) and are now going to have those in the new game... also wonder when/if they shut down PTCGL, because the new app is acknowledged globally, unlike PTCGL. Might explain why PTCGL has had such a (seemingly) small team.
They used to have ingame purchases in ptcgo up to 2016.

I don’t think they regret it. The profit would be minimal and create a risk of headlines of kids taking their parents credit cards. That is not a good headline for any company. And as they don’t have to have ingame purchases, they probably want to avoid it.
Genetic Apex? Does this have new and unique sets? I wonder if we will ever get adaptations of the new cards in this, as this seems really interesting.
This is a good idea simply because it looks like they scaled down the absurd power creep that's been happening since BW
I'm actually eager to try it out and see how a new meta's like with a drastically lowered power level. Been theorycrafting stuff out of the limited pool and I can already tell from a mile away that Greninja's going to be the undisputed BDIF
What does the Greninja do? Image is too blurry too see on mine.
I would be excited to see this get a physical release, maybe as an alt format for events too.

I like the idea of "Speed Duel but Pokemon" so this genuinely excites me.
This is so weird. Like, they are gonna design whole sets of cards with awesome art that are never gonna actually interact with the real TCG? What's even the point?
DeNA making bank on people with gambling addictions, I mean whales (its not as insideous if we dehumanize them), opening digital packs for pngs. Or from a less awful perspective, this does look like a good way to get new people into the game.
They used to have ingame purchases in ptcgo up to 2016.
No, they didn't. It was only an experiment, only for those who lived in Canada and for a short amount of time. They gave up on actually expanding and implementing it.
I can't believe nobody has mentioned that the battle mechanics look to be nearly the same as the "My First Battle" product.
I hope they do physical prints of these cards for collectors at some point. I've been collecting the regular SV ex cards, so having this alternate style to go along with those would be cool. It seems like they reused the Sun and Moon holo pattern on that Charizard so I'm excited to see it come back.
Personally, I do not believe that any current cryptocurrency is a sensible replacement for extant financial systems – maybe I'm a bit old school, but it seems ludicrous – but in a video game like this one, NFTs would make perfect sense here, and I hope (likely in vein) that the app's technology does look at using NFTs to power the backend.
Using NFTs would create problems while not solving any, if the NFTs can just be taken away by DeNA they're worthless because you don't own them, if they can't then account hacking becomes a major issue, a traditional database works just fine and doesn't use the extra energy that minting and tranfering NFTs does.
On the surface this looks better balanced. Looks like damage numbers are generally lower, single prizers have their hps unchanged, double prizers have lower hp numbers and while still more powerful the damage output is lower than their real life counterparts as well.
This is so weird like they just released pokemon live so should I stop playing that now? I wish live had the trading mechanic the old game had
What does the Greninja do? Image is too blurry too see on mine.
Greninja – Water – HP 120
Stage 2 – Evolves from Frogadier

Ability - Water Shuriken
Once during your turn, you may do 30 damage to 1 of your opponent's Pokemon.

[W][C] Mist Slash: 60

Weakness: [L]+20
Retreat: [C]