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I'm enjoying Scarlet and Violet graphics besides,but the only problem that the free exploration kinda makes the game confusing.Anyway is a good 7.5/10

Legends is still better tho.


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"You'll buy it anyways" rings very true here.

It's no longer fair to simply blame Game Freak for this; rather, it's the new, consoomer-brained audience that is de facto driving down the quality of these games.
Well it is likely mostly young children, and I doubt they really care. I also doubt most parents are even aware of how video games work.


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Has been a great game so far. Haven't encountered any other bugs than the occasional "can see through the ground during battles" and some FPS drops when battling Pokemon while swimming. Nothing game breaking, so the bugs are easy to laugh at.

The graphics could be better for 2022, sure, but I don't really mind.


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We'll see if it has legs. Most people bought it without knowing it was released 3-4 years early, so with word of the most broken game ever released travelling, I imagine sales will fall off a cliff after this.

There needs to be a class action filed against Nintendo, TPC and Game Freak for this really. This game is barely in an alpha state.
I'd rather my first comment on this site be a positive one reacting to awesome pokemon card art, but I had to reply to this.

The most broken game ever released? It's not even the most broken game in the last 2 years. Cyberpunk 2077 was in development for 5 years and was so bad at launch that Sony and Microsoft issued refunds for anyone who purchased the game digitally (Sony even took it off the PSN store).

If you think there should be a class action lawsuit against Nintendo/Game Freak/TPC for this, go ahead. Do it. Spend the money and hire the lawyers to see if you have a case (you don't).

I can understand if some people don't like the game because of the performance issues and visual bugs. I can understand if people expect more from GF concerning the most popular game franchise in history, but the reality is that these games sell and will continue to sell even if they're not up to your standards (or the standards of many other people). If that's not a reality (whether it's "right" or "wrong," depending on your own, personal viewpoint) you don't want to or can't accept, then I would suggest to not let it occupy your mind much longer.


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Most of my (relatively few) problems with the game have nothing to do with the graphics. Are they hilariously bad at times? Sure. I legitimately laughed out loud the first time I saw the inside of a classroom and the "animations" of the students. But those haven't impacted my gameplay at all. (With one exception... It's REALLY annoying how long it takes for Pokemon images to load in the PC. THAT is annoying.) My main complaints are like the Pokedex and map kinda being terrible. (The fact you can't fly from the Pokedex or even check the name of the location the Pokemon are in, just see the corresponding dots, is dumb. As is the fact that you can't tell what area a given map square belongs to.)