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All of the cards from S10b Pokemon GO have now been revealed by Pokemon!
Secret rares from the set should leak early next week — stay tuned!
The set will release in Japan on June 17th, followed by an international release on July 1st.
Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!
Main Japanese Set





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Hmmm, so far I want both venusaur, Zapdos, pikachu with hat, lunatone, solrock, and bibarel (because I like the smeargle pose). Disappointed with Blastoise art, both arts paid too much attention towards the hydrocannon.

I need clarification on this ditto trick. It only appears on basic pokemon but not with those that has a rule box. So, does that mean the legendary birds can be ditto?
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Path to the Peak exists in standard! Kinda crazy how easy to is to bypass the ability.
Right, since it is a Ruleboxmon. Could power it up immediately too with Gardenia's Vigor + Double Turbo in Standard, leading to a fun anti-meta deck that can even donk (if you can get it into your active afterward).

N's Rhyperior

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To sum it up:
- The Raidant Pokemon are decent on its own. Blastoise is just Inteleon but heavily nerfed. Palkia will choose either Greninja or Blastoise as Radiant mon of choice. Charizard is just an endgame sweeper. 250 for F KOs Vs, CB KOs VSTAR, and that's it, since it is a Radiant mon. Venusaur is just too good, making decks like H. Arcanine loves this.
- Slaking V was revealed in a weird way, but Arceus decks playing Path could teched in this card as a 1-of.
- Conkeldurr is just a plain Pokemon V.
- A. Exeggutor is just ehh.
- Mewtwo VSTAR could be really good. We have Ghost Caly and Arceus to help it out.
- Dragonite VSTAR is just underwhelming. Arceus could have a better partner for it. VSTAR Power is just another reason why. It can be whiffed.
- Melmetal VMAX has the same attack as Grimmsnarl VMAX, and it wasn't good before. So why do expect something on Melmetal?
- Candela, Blanche, and Spark are just bland.
- Pokestop is just an interesting stadium
- Egg Incubator could just be an additional Pokemon search.
- At least Rare Candy gets reprinted so rambling is over
- and the rest of the cards are either good or just plain bad.


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I really like that they didn't put a stamp on the full-art cards. The Celebrations stamps on the full art cards are all over the place, it's a mess from a collectors perspective.


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Once released into English, if the translations are correct, Slowbro will most likely get banned in the Expanded Format due to its effect.


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Hm, I'm surprised that Rare Candy is the only reprint we got here. I at least expected PokeBall and Great Ball. Still, overall better set than I expected.