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Pokemon Card 151 has officially been revealed, including a new Alakazam ex and Mew ex! The set will release in Japan on June 16th. It was announced during today’s Champions League 2023 tournament in Japan.


As we posted several months ago, the set will feature the return of Kadabra after 21 years. Pokemon stopped using Kadabra in the TCG after Uri Geller sued them over the Pokemon’s likeness to his persona. But in late 2020, Geller changed his mind and relinquished his control of Kadabra. You can read more about his lawsuit here.
Pokemon did not pay extra attention to the fact Kadabra will be returning in their announcement.


As we revealed a while ago, the set will feature the...

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Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam ex - glad that we got Kadabra back, and attacking from the bench is a nice concept, its just 2 Psychic Energy and only does 120, not worth it. Make it hit more damage like a normal being, and it's a Stage 2 as well, so it ain't worth it. 3/3/3
Giovanni's Charisma - tell me the use of this, because if it was used for energy denial, this seems pretty weak. 3
Safety Goggles - Weakness Policy won't come back, the signs were there. 4


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Kadabra has definitely made a triumphant return. The attack confirms that without the effect, Kadabra would definitely have had no Retreat Cost, which is even better. Love Kadabra, Abra, and Alakazam, and all the Pokémon cards have the exact same numbers as their Pokédex Numbers.


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I expect special illustration rares of mew, mewtwo, articuno, zapdos and moltres, then illustration rares for third level evos. And something like the ralts trilogy for sv base, but Abra style!
Seeing as we are getting a Mew ex Ultra Premium Collection I’d say you were right.


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Seeing a new Kadabra card is crazy enough, but that attack on Alakazam ex is what really astounds me! Really curious about all the rulings it will have, considering all effects that trigger when a pokémon is damaged or knocked out by attacks.