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We now have a partial set list for the “Play! Pokemon Prize Pack: Series One.”
This list is still missing cards, so don’t put your binders together yet. Our staff member Steffenka ordered the cards in the same way TPCi orders a traditional set. However, there’s no official numbering.
As posted before, cards from this “set” can only be obtained through special 6-card booster packs given out at Pokemon Leagues. Series One packs were given out starting in late November and will continue to be given out until February.
Series One contains around 200 reprinted cards from Sword & Shield to Evolving Skies. All of the cards are legal in the Standard format. TPCi has selected cards that are either tournament mainstays or popular Pokemon. All of the cards feature the Play! Pokemon stamp.
The packs can feature exclusive holo...

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Nice that these are mostly competitive cards. I would play these over the cards from the sets. These have the stamp to show you play the game. I would collect a playset of these. Energies too.