“Paradox Fury Premium Collection” and Greninja Bundle Exclusively Releasing at Amazon

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Amazon has listed a new “Paradox Fury Premium Collection” releasing exclusively on their platform on September 6th. (It was originally listed at $67.99, but the price has disappeared.)
It will come with reprints of Walking Wake ex, Raging Bolt ex, and Gouging Fire ex; an exclusive jumbo version of Raging Bolt ex; seven booster packs; a magnetic 3-card holder with base; and a code card.



They’re also releasing a “Greninja ex Battle Deck & 2 Booster Bundle” on September 6th for $25.99. It will simply come with the previously-released Greninja ex Battle Deck alongside two booster packs. They come inside a cardboard box.


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It's Shrouded Fable, which is special in name only and barely a holiday set (it's more of a Halloween set).
Raging Bolt ex, a card that's gone from 0 to 100 in terms of viability (as in Chien-Pao, but with quicker and more reliable Energy Acceleration), gets the Jumbo.

It's earned it.