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The two VSTAR Collections we previewed two weeks ago have now been revealed! Both collections will release on October 7th.



They will feature the missing full art versions of Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia V that were cut from Astral Radiance and new alternate art VSTAR versions that will presumably come from Japan’s VSTAR Universe in December.
Each collection will come with its full art V card, a new alternate art version of its VSTAR, a jumbo version of the VSTAR, a pin, a...

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Hopefully this brings down the price of these guys! Palkia is one of the most absurd cards ever printed, glad both the V and V-stat are getting a promo. Really should have done the same with Mew VMax and Arceus VStar...


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This is great to see; the cards are really expensive for 99% of the card game's audience (i.e younger people) and I'm glad they're releasing quite soon. A total of 6 months for affordable copies is pretty reasonable; lets whales play the deck early while not gatekeeping the meta for too long.


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I haven't done an exhaustive search, but it seems like they've stopped acknowledging any alternate forms before Sun and Moon by name.
I mean... that's sort of the case*. So why acknowledge these forms?

The answer is probably "it's to hype them up because they're brand new formes!", but 5-10 years down the line it's just going to come across as a lack of attention to detail, just like a lot of other inconsistencies over the years now appear in hindsight.

* Honestly not really but let's run with it.


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I wonder why these are named “origin forme” but they don’t do it with Giratina

I suppose it has also something to do with legality, like beeing able to play a normal Dialga besides the Orgin version.
And maybe they just didn't wanted to do this with Giratina and also didn't wanted to confuse people when comparing Origin Giratina with the Space/Time Horses.

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The game dominated by Arceus&Dialga&Palkia GX = everyone angry

The game dominated by ArceusV,DialgaV,PalkiaV = no problem