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Later in the fall we’ll also get a special Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic box that includes a reprint of the original Charizard.
It's not exactly a reprint of the original Charizard – its Power has been tweaked to work a little bit differently, and as a result, WOTC's mistranslation of Charizard's Energy Burn has been abandoned*. I have a write-up about it here, if that's okay;

* It was actually abandoned as early as the Stormfront print, but PUSA (and/or NOA, and/or whoever it was managing the international edition of the game at that time..) ruled the two cards were identical, despite basically being two different cards.
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i already bought 4 lol of the etbs going to buy lots more good bye vacation and house money lol
I usually buy 2 boxes and 2 ETBs each new set. This set seems like one I'd get a little extra, I'm more hyped for this than Paldea and I haven't even seen the cards in the set, lol.


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This is the third time Pokemon has made their third set of the generation Charizard themed. I do like that this one actually focuses more on Charmander on the ETB though.
Truthfully, when has Creatures ever been creative or unique in their sets?