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Obsidian Flames has been officially revealed by Pokemon! It will release on August 11th as our third Scarlet & Violet set. We first posted about the set a month ago.
The set will introduce the first Tera Pokemon ex of unusual types, including Charizard ex (Darkness), Tyranitar ex (Lightning), Eiscue ex, and Vespiquen ex. These “type-shifted” Tera Pokemon ex will use the same Energy as their usual types, but will have a different Weakness to correspond with their shifted types. For example, Charizard ex will be a Darkness card with Fire attack costs and a Grass Weakness (Darkness types are weak to Grass to represent Bug).
The set will also feature a Tera Dragonite ex (Dragon), Tera Greedent ex (Colorless), Revavroom ex, Melmetal ex, and Toedscruel...

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A tera electric tyranitar and a tera dragon dragonite? Sounds like an interesting set, can't wait to see their effects. Logo looks mid, and revavroom not being tera is weird, revavroom is prob gonna be an ex.


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Very excited to see what will come out of this set in terms of playability. I feel like as a whole the Scarlet and Violet era is going to be fantastic. Really love the direction that the game is going in.
Also, so glad Vespiqueen is getting an ex!


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It seems like Eiscue and Vespiquen are getting differently typed exs while Greedent ex is normal tera.

Melmetal ex is coming this set so I suppose this set includes the starter decks?

Vespiquen would be very cool to see on a pack art not gonna lie


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waiting for this set :) Tyranitar ex and Dragonite ex sounds cool. I hope they are playable

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Time to update setlist, I guess.

Also, their common antic to introduce Tera ex or different types. We got Water, Bug, Psychic, Fairy, and Fire. Then OBF introduces Dark, Electric, and Dragon.
Meaning the remaining ones are:
Grass, Poison, Rock, Ground, Fighting, Steel, Normal, Ghost, Ice, and Flying