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Based on the picture of the package the quantities of boosters are as follows:

4x Astral Radiance
4x Brilliant Stars
4x Fusion Strike
2x Darkness Ablaze


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Despite the critics of some of you,I might buy this.It has a lot of booster so I can test my luck and get some rares.
Honestly talking,I'm more into collectioning cards than use them to make decks.
Know what else has a lot of boosters? Single packs that aren't in a crappy box lol. If you don't play then there is especially no reason to get this box geared toward players. The promos aren't nearly as collectible as those any many other box sets either.


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I don’t know why this is a thing. The only card in here that is actually good is tyranitar V and even then it still isn’t that good


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First impressions, this box is freaking massive. It came inside its own cardboard box on top of the box it was shipped in. None of the "promo" cards are a special holo, so if you are a collector of different types of cards, the only thing new you are getting is the jumbo.

Now for packs, I had four each of Astral Radiance, Brilliant Stars, and Fusion Strike. I did get two packs of Evolving Skies instead of Darkness Ablaze that is shown in the stock image, happy to have ES over DA.

Now pack wise, either I got the worst box they made or they are all just bad. Out of 14 packs, I had two black labels, coming with only one normal holo and one V card. Not even a single trainer gallery card or a radiant card.

Is it worth it?

For a cool keep sealed and put on a shelf, 9/10, this massive box looks really cool, though it take up a lot of space.

Pull wise 0/10 I'd never buy again, heck the "promos" could have at least had a different holo, but nah. And out of 14 packs I got diddly squat. Though that's just what I got.

Value wise 8/10 for $40 you getting 14 packs, which is decent. That's the same price as an ETB with only 8 packs. So not wasting as much money on all the extra stuff from an ETB we all have tons of. Getting tons of packs like this is hard without spending extra money either on buying an entire booster box or buying an ETB with extra crud. (Now the 6 pack booster bundles they doing now are a life saver.) Actually it be more of a 7/10 because you have to have a Sam's Club membership. Lucky my mom has one and ordered through her account.

Final thoughts:

If you are getting it for a kid, it's a really good box, but for a collector trying to pull chase cards, ehhh. It has good set packs but I feel this is another box they pump with packs that have worse pull rates to keep product on the shelves and to make a quick buck. No good promoy cards to go for or unique coins other than the jumbo. For me personally I'd give it a 3/10 the only thing I like about it I can't even do because I opened it.