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As we posted back in January, more “ex Starter Decks” will release on July 7th featuring Decidueye ex, Victini ex, Greninja ex, Miraidon ex, Clefable ex, Koraidon ex, Houndoom ex, or Melmetal ex. They will cost 550 yen each.
The decks were just revealed during the livestream for Japan’s Champions League tournament in Niigata.


A “Random ex Starter Deck” will also release containing one of ten random decks. The deck will either be one of the eight above or two “secret” decks you can only get from this package. The two secret decks haven’t been revealed yet.


Thanks goes to Toine L., Bangiras, and JustInBasil for the card...

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It seems solid. Ability says pokemon with energy have no retreat, and the attack effect is moving from any of your pokemon to your other pokemon however you want
That synergizes terrifyingly with LOR Clefairy and Zacian V CEL. Bit more boss vulnerable than Gardevoir though, as you place energy at the end of the turn rather than during, but the extra deck space and lack of self damage will at least make it a budget rogue alternative. Plus, you can swing with Clefairy instead for smaller targets like lost box.


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Decidueye and Greninja seem like the best ones here, though all of them are super bland, decidueye at least has decent synergy with the H decidueye.

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Clefable ex - this seems interesting since we have Clefairy that could accelerate up to 4 energy at once and free retreat on an ex. IIRC, no decks rn that could take adv of locking your opponent in the active spot. Seems a thing to keep an eye on. Altho the Clefairy still has bad attack tho, 20x is low for the meta rn. We have things like Gardevoir who has skyrocketed HP of 310, and Clefairy takes 16 energy to KO a Gardevoir, in which a Drifloon can do a better job than that. 2/4-5
Decidueye ex - 2/2/3 why? There's a reason why BKT Zoroark's ability will never be reprinted, and this is one of them.
Melmetal ex - why tho? 2/2-3
Greninja ex - I still need a good Frogadier, this Greninja is nuts for 2 energy, hitting Vs and basic ex? I know Irida is a thing but, would it be nice to rely on that Supporter card to speed up the evolution? 2/2/3-4
Victini ex- Fire still sucks and they still are. 220 flat is just bland nowadays. 3
Houndoom ex - wth? 3/3
Miraidon ex/ Koraidon ex - idk man, seems kinda mid. 3/3


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Decidueye's translation is incomplete. Its Ability can also switch Decidueye with a Benched mon if it is Active. In other words, it can move freely between Bench and Active Spot.
Correct, this is true. They even specify it on their youtube channel that it can move to the active spot and then switch back to the bench when it needs to retreat using this ability.

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Decidueye and Greninja seem like the best ones here, though all of them are super bland, decidueye at least has decent synergy with the H decidueye.
That’s true. I hadn’t considered that. Sounds like it would make a really cool and fun deck with depth and skill, even though it probably wont be competitive succesful