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We’ve now received pricing information for Crown Zenith. For some reason, TPCi did not release the MSRP when they officially revealed the products a few weeks ago.

Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box ($49.99, available January 20, 2023): Includes 10 Crown Zenith booster packs, one special art card featuring Lucario VSTAR and various gameplay accessories
Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box Plus ($64.99)
Crown Zenith Collection—Regieleki V or Regidrago V ($19.99, available January 20, 2023): Includes four Crown Zenith booster packs, one promo card and oversize card featuring Regieleki V or Regidrago V and one non-V foil...

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Were the tins $24.99 in recent years or is this the first time? So far, I only want the Inteleon Pin Collection. The background of that card is beautiful.


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So we know what the last 3 promo cards were for CZ, question though, what is the difference between the ETB and ETB Plus?


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Gotta say, despite my problems with the set itself, this is probably in the top 5 most aesthetically pleasing sets ever. The style, the suave, the regalness, the sleekness...very few sets have matched this sets' products. Beautiful, just simply gorgeous.


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Excited for the Morpeko set, it's one of my girlfriend's top favorite Pokemon so it'll make a great gift for her <3