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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by omahanime, Sep 14, 2013.

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    We first got the news about Ben Affleck.

    Today this rumor is out.



    What is your opinion?
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  2. Familiar Make 7up Yours!!!!!!


    This news must be loved by Joel Schumacher.
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  3. Kecleon-X 124c41+


    Overused concept is overused, but unavoidable. I think that the dynamic between the two is just too good to pass up. Batman and Superman are best friends that have disagreements -- usually those which come to blows -- sometimes, but still remain best of friends. Heck, they hang out all the time. One is a normal man trying to be a superhero and a superhero trying to be a normal man, and I love the dynamic between the two. I am a bit sad that it's almost always "Batman V.S. Superman" when they first meet (and other times, for that matter), but let's face it, some of the best of friendships are born from butting heads.

    Anyway, I have some real high hopes for this movie. Looking forward to seeing what they do with Luthor's character.

    ... Hopefully they won't go and kill him off, but I don't see why they would. We've already explored how Superman won't kill unless other lives are at stake, and how Batman won't kill for the same reason. Hopefully they won't kill the villain this time.

    EDIT: Beiber lusts for attention. I think that this rumor is his vie for more attention.
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    Ben Affleck is batman, my nerd rage cannot handle it. Even with is last few good films, I cannot shake the feeling that his casting is only done to have a big name to be batman to try and replace Bale.

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    I'd like to jump on the Affleck wagon and say he shouldn't be Batman. I loved him as Daredevil, and I have been a fan for years of him. I am not sure how he will play Batman, none of us really know. I am looking forward to this film, it should be a great surprise.
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    Meet Wonder Woman! Gal Gadot lassos role in 'Batman vs. Superman'

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    Here is who I would have made Wonder Woman.

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  8. Fangarde Drohn is love, Drohn is life...


    Honestly, I don't really see what the problem is with Ben being Batman, I just think I will give him a chance to try it out, but if he does end up being terrible I will probably say that I thought he was going to be terrible from the beginning.

    And I didn't know Wonder Woman was going to be in it so that is a plus.

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