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I was about to say, now that we have Crushing Hamer with an F regulation mark I would not expect another one to be released until at least a year after it rotated out. If it releases next year (2022), it will be legal for 2023 and 2024, and since they didn’t just let it rotate it rotate out before printing another one, I’m guessing we won’t get another one until 2026, because there must be some reason why they didn’t just wait until 2023 to print the next one.
THEN AGAIN, I just realized that VMAX Climax could be SWSH 8.5/9.5 OR SWSH 11.5, and if it is the later, printing this card with F would actually MAKE SENSE if you don’t want to go for a full main set or more without Crushing Hammer. Or maybe they just want to keep it from ever rotating out PERIOD and it will be in SWSH 8/9.5.

Flygon 7

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Just noticed that Greedent V has an E regulation mark. All new cards have F regulation marks, except this one, so that means this Greedent is a reprint from an unrevealed Fusion Arts Greedent V.

Probably Fusion Arts will include a Greedent VMAX as well, as all cards that have recieved a second V card in main expansions were to introduce a VMAX card (see Celebi, Victini, Pikachu, Sandaconda, Boltund...)