‘Pokemon GO Premiere Deck Holder Collection’ Featuring Dragonite Revealed!

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We can now reveal the “Pokemon GO Premiere Deck Holder Collection,” which was first mentioned a few months ago!
The collection will feature a deck holder in the shape of a Premiere Ball, promos of Dragonite V and VSTAR, nine booster packs, and a code card.
The collection will release on September 30th for $49.99.




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They've actually did a product like this once and it was an absolute fail, as it couldn't even hold sleeved cards. Hopefully they figured it out this time.
Weren't the Great/Ultra Ball ones capable of holding sleeved cards, or am I misremembering?
Honestly, I'm gonna call it here and now, but the only reason this product will do anywhere near moderately well is that they cut the Dragonite V/VSTAR out of the main set and placed it here, which is very unfortunate because the last time they did a deck holder like this is wasn't the best.