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What’s this? A new “J Balvin V” promo card has been revealed by Pokemon’s official Instagram account!



J Balvin is one of 12 artists who created music for the P25 Music album, which released today. Pokemon re-shared the story from Balvin’s Instagram account. However, it doesn’t appear to be up anymore.
The card has a special P25 set symbol of Pikachu’s tail and appears to be numbered #005/007. This means there’s six other cards, presumably depicting the other musicians. No further information is currently available.
We’re not sure if these cards were made specially for the musicians. Since Pokemon hired a TCG artist to make the artwork and even assigned the card a new set symbol, it seems they will release them to the public at some point. For...

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i’m sorry but if we get a katy perry v i’ll be convinced we’re living in an alternate reality

edit: WHAT
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Didn’t this guy have a themed McDonald’s meal a few months back?

That’s really all I recognize the name from.