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Pokemon has officially revealed S8 Fusion Arts, which will release in Japan on September 24th! The set will feature 100 cards before secret rares.
As posted last month, the set will introduce a third Battle Style named “Fusion.” Mew VMAX is the star of the set and will exemplify the new Fusion style.
Their official description states Fusion Pokemon aren’t bound by a specific Battle Style. Instead, they take the strengths of every Battle Style in the world and fuse them into a new one. This unstoppable Fusion Battle Style is all about synergy and focuses on strengthening your Pokemon while weakening your opponent’s Pokemon at the same time. (This lore doesn’t make much sense to me. It’s just “team #3,” I guess.)

Thanks goes to Arantxa T. and JustInBasil for the translations...

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Gosh! Where's the bullet icon? This makes my reviews so much handy.

Mew V/VMAX - So far, none of those Fusion V/VMAXs have any hard-hitting damage or something special, etc. Presume that this is a single set featuring Fusion cards, we won't get any hopes on this one. I'll just leave this up to you. 3/4-5

Hoopa V - Hitting weakness on the most common decks in the format is good, so does the attack. Good turn 1 the 3 energy atk tho, hehe! 4

Genesect V - Draw support on Fusion decks, but the attack is underwhelming, not KOing Vs... or isn't? 4

Power Tablets - Electropower for Fusion decks. 5

Cilan, Chili, & Cress - meh! Compare this to Brawly. You'll see what I mean. 3

Elesa's Radiance - Seems nice, I like it! Kinda like Korrina but even more cooler. 4-5

Meloetta - too bad I didn't get Melo during GO Fest, no money gaming here. Anyway, Nice try on doing 140 min damage for 2 energy. 3

Fusion Energy - 5

Dreepy/Drakloak/Dragapult - still have this "hate-hate" relationship on Stage 2s. 2/2/2-3

Clamperl/Gorebyss/Huntail - Gorebyss turns off abilities of RS mons, Means cards like Octillery and Rayquaza (I'm sure you'll worry less on Rayquaza VMAX ability) will have something to deal this thing. As for Huntail, makes SS mons pay more energy. Well, not a surprise since SS mons aren't energy efficient anyways. 2/4-5/3-4

Smeargle - Good luck giving up a prize recovering 2 cards. 2

Oricorio - don't need it. 3

Toxtricity - Crobat V or this ability? 3-4
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It seems like we are actually FINALLY getting a decent Meloetta! My boyfriend is so happy. Meloetta is his favorite Pokémon and Pokémon Card Labs does not treat it as well as the other Gen 5 mythicals (Victini **cough cough**).

Edit: Our friend is helping translate the text for us. It seems like it is 70 times the number of Fusion Energy in play?


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If they’re introducing fusion as a game mechanic, hopefully we see Kyurem full arts - the original fusion Pokemon!

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If they’re introducing fusion as a game mechanic, hopefully we see Kyurem full arts - the original fusion Pokemon.
It might be lasts for a single set as the next year will be the whole new mechanic again. New Year, New Block,


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OK SO Mew is my second favorite Pokemon and I currently own every Mew card in English and Japanese and these new ones are AMAZING and I am SO excited-


Edit: I'm still freaking out all these new cards are SO GORGEOUS.... the whole Dragapult line, Toxel & Toxtricity, that Smeargle holy fudge, EVEN the Clampearl line, wowwwwww


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A new Battle Style, eh? Well, looking at the Fusion Pokemon here, it seems that the Fusion style is exemplified by complex effects such as dual typings and manipulation. Therefore, Fusion style Pokemon could be an extension of the traits usually associated with Psychic type Pokemon. That is to say, the traits of Psychic types can now be extended to Pokemon of the other types who may bear the Fusion style!

EDIT: Well, I wasn't quite far off. I'm liking the concept of synergy over brute strength or sleight-of-hand damage!
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Absolutely love it! Gorgeous arts and really fun effects. In general, I love it when the TCG contains original ideas that aren't from the games, and battle styles were already sort of that because in the games they only apply to Urshifu, but this is even more original. Overall, I just think this looks really great.


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Mew Vmax doesn’t say anything about needing the required energy for the chosen attack it looks like.


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That smeargle art is fantastic! Also the creepy is in the mouth of the corviknight statue in Wyndon, took me a little while to realise what it was.

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Me initially reading the top of the article: "What? Instead of fully realizing the styles they have they're gonna do this? This is silly, who needed this?"

Me seeing the mechanics and artworks: "Me. I needed this."

Seriously though, am I crazy, or are these artworks a step above even what we've been getting since Battle Styles? I love every single one. Look at those supporters, so lush, compare these to the average S&M era supporter art. It's not even funny how much better these are. And best Smeargle artwork ever on a card? I'm eating this up. Look at the Tablet, look at those colors, my goodness. Now that is some good CGI art. See? CGI doesn't have to be bad, they just needed to try harder. This is what we should demand of CGI artwork. Viridian Forest CGI is not acceptable, never should've been.
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Genesect seems BROKEN: the ability stacks (or I at least think so). Why would you play Zacian over this with power tablet? You can draw everything you need in a turn

The hoopa and the other pokemon in the 2 main weakness triangles makes me want weakness prevention even more…

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Based on the cards we have seen thus far Fusion Art seems to blend the focus on one-hit knock outs of Single Strike with the energy efficiency and team play style of Rapid Strike.

Mew Vmax: The entire line has free retreat which is an excellent bonus. Max Miracle bypasses Safeguard effects and Cross Fusion can use attacks of Fusion Pokémon on the bench. Both attacks are rather efficient at a two energy cost. The best attacks to use on the bench seem to be Techno Blast and Melodious Echo. In essence we look at a Pokémon Vmax that can hit for either 130, 210, or 280 damage for two energies.

Hoopa V: Double Face turns Hoopa V into a dual type Pokémon to allow Shadow Impact to hit for two relevant weaknesses. Shadow Impact needs three attachments and hits for 170 damage but also places three damage counters on your bench.

Genesect V: The main attraction here is Fusion System which allows Genesect V to draw cards until the number of cards in your hand matches the number of Fusion Pokémon on your side of the battlefield. This is in essence a build in Korrina’s Focus that can be used in addition to your supporter for the turn. The attack Techno Blast hits for a solid 210 damage. The fact that this Pokémon cannot attack next turn does not hurt much.

Toxtricity: The main reason to use Toxtricity is Max Downer which reduces the HP of Pokémon Vmax by 30 for each Toxtricity you have in play. Even with no more than two Toxtricity on the bench this should allow most of your attackers to knock out the defender in one hit.

Meloetta: Melodious Echo can hit for 70 times the number of Fusion energy you have in play which increases the maximum damage output to 280 damage. Given the low HP this one will be used to enable Mew Vmax to hit higher numbers in the middle to late game.

Dragapult: Fusion Assault is decent but since this is a stage two Pokémon it seems to be outclassed by the other options available at the moment. The main reason for this is that the pre-evolution line is not that impressive and the one we have from prior sets does not help much either. This card could have been good if the pre-evolutions were comparable to Rapid Strike Sobble and Drizzile.

Smeargle: Love the art on this one but the main attack Trash Sketch does too little by retrieving two Fusion trainer cards from the discard given the Fusion trainer cards we know thus far.

Huntail and Gorebyss: Two rather specific counterst o Single Strike and Rapid Strike Pokémon. Huntail increases the attack cost of Single Strike Pokémon while Gorebyss shuts down Rapid Strike Inteleon and Rapid Strike Octillery. Both cards are rather meta reliant but Gorebyss seems tob e the better one of these two. Nevertheless I believe that both will not see much play.

Oricorio: Nice one-off tech in Fusion Art decks since it reduces the damage done to them and also provides a sniping attack.

Chili, Cilan, & Cress: This is a type specific Adventurer’s Discovery which can search for any three Fusion Pokémon in the deck and put them into your hand. Unfortunately I believe that item-based Pokémon search combos better with Genesect V’s Fusion System than this supporter.

Elesa’s Sparkle: Nice energy acceleration from the deck which turns Mew Vmax into a one attachment attacker. I believe that you can afford to use Elesa’s Sparkle due to the build in draw from Genesect V’s Fusion System.

Power Tablet: This item card enables your Fusion Pokémon to hit the opponent’s active Pokémon for 30 damage per Power Tablet used. You can even use multiple copies to enable Mew Vmax to ohko the defender in one hit.

Fusion Energy: This essentially is a cross between Rainbow Energy and Stealthy Hood. It provides the needed energy to attack and prevents the Pokémon this card is attached to from being affected by abilities. You can even accelerate this card with Elesa’s Sparkle.