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The Evolving Skies prerelease promos have been revealed! They were initially listed back in June, but this is the first time we’re seeing them.


SWSH122 Flaaffy


SWSH123 Galarian Articuno


SWSH124 Galarian Zapdos


SWSH125 Galarian Moltres

Each card is an alternate art reprint from Evolving Skies. The artwork hasn’t been seen in Japan yet. They might be future Gym promos or...

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Wow! Those pre-release Promos are incredible as usual! The Galarian Zapdos is especially striking! It looks almost as if it will run straight out of the card and across the top of any adjacent cards in your binder! The only sad part is that the Flaaffy isn't as cute as the one in the main set, which is sad because I already have (a proxy of) that Flaaffy in my cube and was hoping of including the pre-release promo instead of the one from the main set. It's not BAD artwork and I like it, but it just doesn't have the same charm. And since the cube is a singleton (mutant evolution rule mid-power) cube, I won't be able to include both of them. But in the end, my wallet may thank me for not including that Flaaffy in my cube.
The non-holo kit exclusives? Meh. They don't have the same shine, and therefore lack the charm of the holo-rares. They can't be used be used for reflecting sunlight, meaning you can't blind kidnappers, set your opponent's playmat on fire, or bounce lasers off of for pestering your neighbor's cats. At least having a non-holo is better than not having anything at all, so if you get one of these in a prerelease kit, it will be better than nothing.


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I love how articuno, Montres amd zapdos are the cruel, Malevolent and... strong legs Pokemon. Having strong legs is obviously an evil trait.


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That battle stadium box looks intriguing, and it’s cool that there is a Regieleki card in the set. One a side note, we have the legendary Pokémon as promos!!! Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, and Flaaffy!