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The Brilliant Stars Ultra PRO portfolios have been revealed! They will release on February 25th.
The 4-pocket portfolio features Arceus and Shaymin Sky Forme. It contains 10 pages for regular-sized cards and two pages for jumbo-sized cards. It will retail for $7.99.


The 9-pocket portfolio features Charizard and Whimsicott. It will retail for $11.99. It include 14 pages for regular-sized cards, but does not include any pages for jumbo cards.


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Shouldn't the main mascot of the set be the face of the 9 pocket one...darn Zard priorities.
If you look at previous designs, I think you'll see that they probably intentionally put the "face" of a set on the 4-pocket portfolio. Maybe to make people buy both, or at least make the smaller one as desirable?


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The normal binders are such crap, honestly. If it's for cards you care about / care to display, always go for the Ultra pro PRO binders, with the sideloading and black background. Trust me haha.