‘Brilliant Stars’ Prerelease Promos Listed!

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The Brilliant Stars prerelease promos will be Moltres (SWSH185), Lucario (SWSH186), Liepard (SWSH187), and Bibarel (SWSH188).


Our promos will have alternate artwork that hasn’t been released in Japan yet. The four cards originally come from Japan’s Star Birth and Start Deck 100, once again showing our English set will contain cards from both sources.
Brilliant Stars will release on February 25th. You can see its full product line here...

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That's a pretty good selection. Very nice to see them putting ability Pokemon into these slots, great way to have special versions of playable cards.
Moltres-Zapdos(?) but Fire
Lucario-Charizard but Fighting
Liepard-Cinccino but Dark
Bibarel-Octillery but Colorless

Interesting choices.

Oh and don't forget Mew but Water(Manaphy).
The artwork really got a regular rare vibe going on.I wouldn't have known they were promos if I hadn't seen the black star.Could be nice utility wise though
Sort of lackluster compared to previous set prerelease promos. At least they finally made a decent Bibarel card.
Bibarel and Bidoof are getting a lot of love! Pokemon is officially recognizing them as dumb HM slaves between the YouTube videos and appearances in the new games, and they're respecting them and developing them into characters like they did with Magikarp.