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    WTB: Shadowless, LC, e-Series, BW Promos, XY Promos

    * PayPal only. I will not gift payments for my own protection and I will not pay the seller fees. * I live in the USA. * Please provide tracking on my purchases. * All cards offered must be NM+/M and UNPLAYED. Please check your cards carefully! Ask if you are unsure about a card's condition...
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    theducktamer's Artwork (Updated the Current Drawing)

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure how much art I'll be uploading here, but I really wanted to upload my latest piece. I really can't stand the whole "tail on head" thing, so I took matters into my own hands. :D EDIT: Redrew the head, changed the tail, made the lineart smoother. :)
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    Darkrai/Lasers (Need Advice for States!)

    Pokemon: 4 Darkrai EX 3 Sableye (Junk Hunt) 1 Keldeo EX 1 Mewtwo EX - - - - 9 total Supporters: 4 N 4 Professor Juniper 3 Skyla 2 Colress - - - - 13 total Trainers: 4 Pokemon Catcher 4 Hypnotoxic Laser 3 Energy Switch 3 Dark Patch 3 Ultra Ball 2 Crushing Hammer 2 Dark Claw 1 Enhanced Hammer 1...
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    001 Kyogre ex and 002 Groudon ex with no barcode?

    I saw a video on YouTube probably 2 or 3 years ago and it was someone showing their Nintendo Black Star Promo collection. They happened to have #001 Kyogre ex and #002 Groudon ex (both non-holo) with no barcode at the bottom! I have not seen these cards since then (and even after hours of...
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    HGSS - COL Promos List Help

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if there was a place where I could find a list of all of the promos released from HGSS - COL. I'm looking for Prereleases, Theme Deck exclusives and blister/box/tin exclusives. I'm NOT looking for lists of Black Star promos unless there are different variants of...
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    Plasma Storm Prerelease Events (Michigan/Nothern Ohio)

    If this isn't the right board, please move this thread! The known Prerelease events in Michigan and Ohio. :) Where: Tecumseh, Michigan, 49286 Date: Feb. 3rd, 2013 Time: 11:00 am Where: Toledo, Ohio, 43613 Date: Feb. 2nd, 2013 Time: 12:00 pm Where: Brighton, Michigan, 48116 Date...
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    WTB: Shiny Rayquaza

    I am from the USA. PayPal only. I would like to buy a Shiny Rayquaza in NM/M condition. I would like to pay $25 + shipping for the card.
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    WTB: Shining and Crystal Cards

    I'm from the USA. I use PayPal ONLY. * For my protection, I will NOT Gift orders over $15. * I also will NOT pay seller fees as it is against PayPal's policy. Sellers pay seller fees. Seems pretty fair to me. ;) The following cards must be in NM+/M condition. Please examine your cards...
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    WTB: BW Cards!

    I'm located in the USA. I will only pay with PayPal. I prefer to not use the Gift option in case something happens with the transaction, but I am more than willing to cover the fees. Cards must be near mint/mint and never played. Emerging Powers: Reverse Holos - 12/98 Whimsicott 16/98...
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    English Card Quality

    I just got my box of Next Destinies yesterday and was super excited to see the new EXs. Now, my box was pretty good: I pulled a Mewtwo EX regular, a Mewtwo EX FA, a Reshiram EX regular and a shiny Zoroark. I even got all 3 legendary birds in regular holos. So, overall, no complaints about pulls...
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    Quick Question...

    Not sure if this is where this goes or not... Please move if it's in the wrong place! :) I was thinking about going to a Prerelease for Next Destinies, but do you have to play in the tournament when you go? I just want to hang out, trade and meet other Pokemon fans in my area. =]
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    Selling to Troll and Toad

    I've been thinking about selling some (or all) of my bulk to Troll and Toad. Has anyone ever done this before? What steps do I need to take to do this?
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    Question About Holo Fossil Zapdos

    Were any of the "1999" dated holo Zapdos from the Fossil set printed without the evolution shadow in the top left corner of the holo box? I can only seem to find them with that error. Was the card ever corrected before the "1999-2000" print? Here's the error card. You can see the...
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    Collecting Sealed Cards (WOTC Promo Checklist Included)

    I was wondering which cards from the WOTC Promos come sealed? I'd like to collect them all since most of my older sets are finally complete. =] Also, does the "Galaxy-holo" Machamp come sealed like the original Machamp? I know it comes in the Base Set 2 CD, but is it wrapped with multiple...
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    WTB: EP Reverse Holos, WOTC Cards

    Dolphin’s Want to Buy Thread ** I am from the USA. :D ** I will only pay with PayPal. ** My buying will be on and off, depending on how work is going. xD ** I'm only a collector, so I'm only looking for 1 copy of each card. ** All of the promo cards must be MINT. No less. These cards must be...
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    Question about Fossil Set Printing Dates (Pics added)

    I was scanning my Fossil binder today because I finally got new sleeves and was transferring all of the cards to the new sleeves...and I noticed that some of my Fossil cards had "1999-2000" printed on the bottom while most of them just had "1999". I know the Base Set has a "1999-2000" set but...
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    WTB: Booster Box

    I'm really looking for an English booster box from any of the e-series sets or the first HeartGold SoulSilver set. ;) I will pay only with PayPal because it's much safer. Thanks!
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    Wi-Fi Trades Dolphin's Simple Trade Thread

    I'm not a hardcore gamer, so I don't breed a lot nor do I hack, but I can offer what I've collected throughout my Pokemon Black Version. =] No hacked Pokemon please; all of mine are legit. Friend Code: Here's what I have: Legendaries: Cobalion Lv. 42 (Justified) UT Volcarona Lv...
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    Dolphin's Fakes: Classic Evolutions

    Welcome to Dolphin's Faking Thread Duck Promo Cards 001. Psyduck 002. Psyduck 003. Golduck 004. Golduck LV. X 005. Farfetch'd 006. Farfetch'd 007. Cresselia 008. Cresselia LV. X Base Set Revival 001. Bulbasaur 002. Ivysaur 003. Venusaur 004. Charmander 005. Charmeleon...
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    The Duck Collection - Help!

    So I've decided to start a separate collection of cards from my normal collection of complete sets and promos. I'm really interested in collecting all of the duck cards in Pokemon (English and Japanese cards only). I don't think it'll be too hard and it'll be something new for me. This is...