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  1. Dork Void

    Best Metagame in your opinon?

    As the title says, what is everyone's favorite metagame? It can be a specific (X set->Y set) or just a general era (say, Holon or SP). If possible, include what you liked about that metagame so much. Anything you didn't like about that format? Even if you started recently, I'd still be...
  2. Dork Void

    Favorite cat breed

    This Catsbeach needs more cats. Let's get this rolling. What are your favorite types of cats?
  3. Dork Void

    Watervilet, 12-8 Stuff happened here

    Let me start this off by saying that I don't play in real life at all; I haven't even played at all in a few months at the least. The only reason I'm playing in this tournament at all is because my cousin (Blah on this forum) came over and had all the cards as well as the sleeves I needed to...
  4. Dork Void

    Finished Fancy Seeing You Here

    If you can see this and you're not some pesky smod spying in, chances are you're a part of WWXV's Werewolf faction, the Keronians! I'll leave what you want to discuss in this forum and in what format entirely up to you. You can look at for...
  5. Dork Void

    Finished Werewolf XV: Honey? The Frogs Rang. They've Come To Conquer the Earth. (Town and alex win.)

    thanks spammeh Welcome, lost and confused souls, to the fifteenth edition of Pokebeach's Werewolf game. In this version of everyone's favorite internet pastime (totally), we're featuring a few new things. 1. The best host ever. 2. Frogs with afros. FROM OUTER SPACE 3. A plot line that...
  6. Dork Void

    You've Activated My Trap Card, Ancient Balancing Ritual!

    Throughout the course of playing this game, I've seen many complaints in every format. This card is broken, this card is useless, this card would be so good in this format, etc. etc. So, how about we change it? The Objective Make as balanced and fun to play a metagame as possible. The Rules 1...
  7. Dork Void

    Nite's Shadow (OU RMT)

    At A Glance 26063921273472373 Old things slashed out, new ones bolded in. 373 Salamence, my second favorite Pokemon, (look at my username and take a gander as to why this OU team isn't based around my favorite Pokemon) has gone from Uber in Gen 4 to largely outclassed in Gen 5 OU - and...
  8. Dork Void

    My RMT

    An Intro to the Team and Why and How I Created It I have a lot of OU Gen 5 teams stored on my computer for Pokemon Online (Over 30) and yet this is by far my most successful. While I inevitably get too bored of laddering with it and make a gimmick team to trash my rating, whenever anything...
  9. Dork Void

    Writing The nameless story

    Explanation for the title: I'm awful at titles. Feel free to suggest one in the comments below. Anyway, I finally worked up the courage to post one of the countless chapters ones that I have as saved drafted on Pokebeach. Its rated PG-13 because there is some violence, but its not that bad...
  10. Dork Void

    Finished Pokemon Mysery Dungeon: Primal Rampage *2 spots left* We have started!

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Primal Rampage Plot: Recently, Pokemon have been changing. Their appearance is different-they are always differently colored, and sometimes have changes to their body structure, such as claws. However, it is not known why these Pokemon are changing, or why the changes...
  11. Dork Void

    DPPt/HGSS DV's Super Unoriginal Platinum Nuzlocke

    I hate to be a copycat but when I heard about nuzlocking by reading 6Ds thread I was very interested. I know I won't even be the first person to copy him but I'd like to post my experiences nuzlocking Pokemon Platinum anyway. I'm expecting this to be really hard, so I won't be surprised if I...