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  1. Asclepius24

    Ruling Super Boost Energy

    The post you quoted and responded to was highlighting the "before your attack" as an apparent contradiction to the Compendium ruling saying you could use it when brought into the Active position due to an attack. Nothing in your post suggested you were taking issue with the non-bolded text that...
  2. Asclepius24

    Ruling Super Boost Energy

    I realize there's an Arcanine in my avatar, but... Text in italics is reminder text of general game rules, not a specific stipulation. "Before your attack" is almost always there for "once during your turn" as a clarification that "your turn" is "before your attack." In this case, this specific...
  3. Asclepius24

    Help New help

    No worries, that's what we're here for :) Could you share numbers of staple Trainers that you have? How about Shaymin-EX and/or Hoopa-EX? That would help us help you.
  4. Asclepius24

    Help New help

    Moved thread from Deck Garage because there wasn't a deck to discuss. It would help to know what kind of "staples" you have since things like VS Seeer, Trainers' Mail, Max Elixir, etc could be a big chunk of that $100 budget for a new deck.
  5. Asclepius24

    Discussion Pidgeot-EX Deck Concept

    Moving to Competitive Play as this is a discussion without a decklist.
  6. Asclepius24

    Ruling Primal Groudon "Barrier" and Escape Rope.

    Escape Rope targets both Active Pokemon. The player is the one who actually switches them, but the card essentially pushes the Actives to the Bench. Similarly, something like Enhanced Hammer also targets the Energy through the Pokemon, which is why Omega Barrier also blocks cards like that.
  7. Asclepius24

    Ruling Rainbow Energy Legality

    Moved to Competitive Play because this wasn't asking for feedback on a deck. The old Rainbow Energy cards that tell you to do "10 damage" are no longer legal in Standard and Expanded. The updated text tells you to "put 1 damage counter" on the Pokemon instead. This is a different mechanic and...
  8. Asclepius24

    Ruling Altaria and Zebstrika

    From the Compendium: Q. Altaria has a printed weakness to Lightning, but it also has the "Clear Humming" Ability which creates an effect that gives it no weakness. What happens if it is attacked by Zebstrika with the "Zap Zone" Ability which makes its attack's damage ignore effects on the...
  9. Asclepius24

    Help Can you use Acro Bike with only one card in your deck?

    PTCGO is a terrible source of rulings, in general. But yes, you can Acro Bike with one card in your deck. The one card you see must go into your hand.
  10. Asclepius24

    News 'Legendary Battle Decks' Featuring Ho-Oh and Lugia in May!

    The last Legendary Battle Decks and almost all of the premium decks in general that they've released have been Expanded - this makes older cards easier for new players to obtain for that format. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see these include Plasma Lugia and Rebirth Ho-oh.
  11. Asclepius24

    Ruling Mystic Heart

    No. Mystic Heart blocks effects done to Pokemon; Balloon Bomb targets your deck.
  12. Asclepius24

    Ruling Crobat BREAK rule

    Crobat BREAK needs to be in play to have that Ability. By the time it's in play, it has already been played from your hand and does not trigger that effect. That's the way I think of it, at least. The official ruling is "no" via Japan.
  13. Asclepius24

    News First 'Sun & Moon' English Set News!

    I didn't particularly mind the yellow borders in the BW-XY series (and earlier) because it worked well enough with the overall template. I think the yellow looks bad with elements that were designed with a grey border in mind, especially the overlapping bits. TPCi changed the border for the...
  14. Asclepius24

    News First 'Sun & Moon' English Set News!

    I also strongly dislike the yellow borders. At this point I think it's more of a "brand identity" thing for them than counterfeiting or anything like that. It looks especially bad with the SM templates that still include the light grey below the picture and even overlapping the yellow border at...
  15. Asclepius24

    News First 'Sun & Moon' English Set News!

    Those Energy cards are beautiful, absolutely thrilled that they'll be accessible. Reminds me of the old days when I ended up with hundreds of extras...
  16. Asclepius24

    Ruling Does Ninja Boy carry over Ancient Traits?

    Ancient Traits are only "on" if they're written on the card; nothing "carries over." Snorlax shouldn't be protected from Trainer cards after Regirock leaves play. PTCGO is weird sometimes. Not a good place for rulings.
  17. Asclepius24

    News First 'Sun & Moon' English Set News!

    Hope that art shows up on some playmats for us in the near future!
  18. Asclepius24

    Ruling Beedrill's Allergic Shock

    Allergic Shock places an effect on the Defending Pokemon. Anything that removes effects, including evolving or going to the Bench, would remove that effect.
  19. Asclepius24

    Ruling Pokemon GX Attack + Pokemon Ranger?

    I can't find a good image of Snorlax-GX right now, but I'll edit one in when I can. Text in parentheses, like the GX attack rule on Snorlax-GX, isn't an effect - it's a reminder of a game rule. In this case, "one GX attack per game" is a rule of the TCG and not an effect of any particular GX...
  20. Asclepius24

    Ruling Forest of the giant plants

    There's nothing on the card about searching your deck, so you can't do that. If you have the evolution card in your hand, you can play it even if the lower stage just came into play. Note also that FOGP doesn't combine with cards like Rare Candy and Evosoda to form some kind of "super effect."...